Steps To Size, Design & Install Glass Block Showers

Understanding how to develop the right size shower base and shower walls with glass blocks does not need to be some mysterious process. If youll follow the steps in this article youll have an easy to clean, structurally sound, and unique shower you can enjoy in your home or commercial property for years to come.

Step 1) What type of glass block shower do you want?

There are basically two types of showers you can use – a shower without a door, and a shower with a door. Heres an overview of where to use both:

A)Showers without a door (walk in and roll in showers) Door-less showers have become hot in bathroom design over the last 5 years. The two most popular types of these showers are walk in and roll in showers. The biggest advantage of walk in showers is you can eliminate the cost of the shower door and having to bend over to clean around the doors framing system. The roll in shower also does not have a door, but also eliminates the curb around the base that someone has to step over to get into the shower. This makes the shower much more accessible to those with special needs. The roll in shower base is gradually sloped in towards the drain. The biggest disadvantages of the doorless showers is their bases (or platforms) need to be sized larger.

B)Showers with a door (neo angle or corner showers) Most showers have doors to prevent water from splashing out. A popular type of shower enclosure is a neo angle variety that is placed in the corner of a bathroom to conserve space. The advantage of a shower enclosure system with a door is that it can fit into tighter spaces (these showers can be as small as 32 or 36).

Step 2) What type of glass block shower base do you want? How do you size this base and design it out at your project site?

There are two generic types of shower bases available for block (1) the preformed base and (2) the custom concrete base.

The preformed base is created and sized before it is brought to the job site and can be made out of acrylic, cultured marble, or other solid surface materials. It is generally thought to cost less than a custom base, which is often true, but not always. The biggest advantage of these types of systems is they are built as one solid unit to minimize the concern about water leakage through the base. The biggest disadvantage is their size cannot be adjusted at the job site. Pittsburgh Corning makes an acrylic right or left hand entry walk in glass block shower base measuring 72 x 51, a Neo Angle shower measuring 51 x 51, a Square corner shower measuring 48 x 48 and even an acrylic shower base 60 x 32 that can be used to convert a small existing tub space into a new contemporary shower!

The custom concrete or mud set pan base is sized at the new home, remodeling, or commercial building site. Since glass block cannot be cut like tile, youll need to use layout cards that correspond to the size of the block units to make sure the custom base youll make will match up with the specific block sizes for your design. Most of the layout cards are approximately 4 wide (3 7/8 is the exact size) to accommodate for the most common thickness of block used for showers. The other base thickness is 3 1/8 wide, although design options with this thickness series are more limited.

Step 3) Choosing the right sizes, shapes, and colors to make your glass block shower cool and unique.

There are a wide selection of block sizes, patterns, shapes, colors and even artistically designed murals available for your shower. Heres a brief overview of your options:

oSizes and thicknesses of glass blocks for showers Glass masonry units are made is both metric and American sizes. Most of the blocks available in the United States are American sized. The American sized blocks are available in 4 x 8, 6 x 6, 6 x 8, 8 x 8, and 12 x 12. Specialty shapes can help you turn corners, make 45 degree neo angle showers, create rounded or radius walls if youre looking to make a walk in or roll in shower, or finish off the end of the shower wall with a smooth bullnose look. The blocks have nominal sizes meaning the actual size of the block units is smaller allowing for a mortar joint to adhere the block to one another (an 8 x 8 block actually measures 7 x 7 ). The blocks for showers are 3 and 4 thick. Thinner block (3 1/8) are more cost effective, but shower design options are much more limited in this thickness of block.

oPatterns, designs and colored glass blocks Blocks come in a multitude of patterns providing different levels of privacy, style, and design options. The block are now available in standard and custom colors, tints, and artistically decorated murals to match any interior design style. Check out a comprehensive block web site to see the possibilities.

Step 4) How tall should you make your glass block shower? What do you need to do to make it structurally sound? Most block showers are built on a curb (with the exception of the roll in shower) which is 4 to 5 in height. Since many shower heads are placed 84 above the finished floor consider building your glass block wall 80 tall (this will make the size of your glass block wall + the size of your base equal to the height of your shower head). To make the glass shower walls structurally sound they should be tied into side walls with anchors every third coursing of block (usually this is every 24).

Step 5) Dont worry about any of the first 4 steps and call a glass block shower supplier and installation professional If you really dont want to figure out what size, shape, and shower base is best call a block specialty company who offers design, supply and installation services. This type of company will usually come to your home or business (without a charge), measure your shower space, figure out the possible types of bases and showers for you, and install it with a guarantee.

Millhouse Ventures Ltd- las vegas realestate

Millhouse Ventures Ltd introduces an opportunity of investment in Las Vegas Real Estate which is now among the hottest US markets. Investors from all over the US and outside of it have been lured to South Nevada area as it is teeming with cheap houses due to foreclosures and bank repossessions. These foreclosed properties and reo-properties present a very promising prospect investment with a potential of high returns. Homebuyers investing in Las Vegas real estate recognize this potential of Las Vegas foreclosed properties and many purchase houses with one cash payments. In fact, such large volume of buying transactions involved foreclosed properties and bank-owned properties that they now dominate Las Vegas real estate market. Short sales as an alternative to foreclosures, are more profitable for the banks and a less competitive option for the buyers. Statistics show great ROI number on Las Vegas real estate investment which make it a prudent choice for any portfolio. Millhouse Ventures LTD specializes in distressed single-family homes in Las Vegas and area. The company business model allows its investors to capitalize on the unique opportunities recently created in the US market. It has an expertise to structure the best case scenario for each portfolio, whether it includes a short-term or a long-term hold, or a rental option. Company projects involve either a single asset, or a group of asset to suit investors’ needs. Millhouse Ventures is committed to provide high returns to its investors, while operating in a systematic, time-tested methodology backed by years of experience.

Mezzanine Finance Mezzanine Debt Australia Globalcapital

Property developers have always been looking for more innovative ways of funding their projects and more importantly maximising how much they can borrow – one such way is Mezzanine Finance. In short Mezzanine debt fills the gap between the property developers equity available and the amount of senior debt the lender is willing to lend and is generally secured by a second mortgage.

Traditionally mezzanine loans have been supplied by specialist lenders or private investors, an area which GCC has excelled in over the years. In recent times mezzanine finance has become more difficult to place with the requirements becoming more stringent, such as 100% pre-sale cover, collateral security etc. In response to this GCC has been working on an alternative.

Through our extensive network, GCC is in a position to source builders for appropriate well located developments who are and can not only build the project at a fixed price determined by an independent QS but are also able and willing to inject cash to cover any shortfall (as mezzanine facility/equity behind the senior lender).

Residential Development Finance Senior & Mezzanine Finance
Our client has contracted to buy a development site in Western Sydney for $1.5M plus costs. The property is zoned for 15 x 2 bedroom residential apartments and should sell for $6.5M. Given that it is a rising market the clients would prefer not to obtain presales as they firmly believe they will obtain better prices for the units close to or when completed. GCC was approached to arrange development finance via a private non-bank lender due to the fact that no presales would be available.

As we started working on the proposal we were informed by the borrowers that some of the investors had pulled out and they were short approximately $500k. Traditional mezzanine finance was not an option as there were no presales.


GCC approached one of our builders who we have been working with over the years and discussed the project. The builder did his research and agreed that the project was viable, well located and would sell well in the current market. He further agreed to build the project at the QS price on a fixed price contract basis and further agreed to contribute the shortfall of $500k as a mezzanine loan.
Senior Debt

Loan Amount: $4,225,000
LVR: 65% of GRV
Rate: 11.50%
Mezzanine Debt (supplied by the builder)
Loan Amount: $500,000
LVR: 75% of GRV
Rate: 20% pa

Criminal Attorney Murfreesboro Offers Out of the Box Representation

People walk into the trial and beg responsible to the decision and
settlement that is decided in the court. However, the matters which are
legal and are faced by the people will have far reaching repercussions
on life and then there would be no scope for any embarrassment. The only
need at the particular time is of an aggressive, fearless and an
unrelenting representation. A help from the professional legal team is
required and that this representation will offer win. The criminal
attorney Murfreesboro will help with the right presentation. The
attorneys help in turning any bad situation and case into incredibly
something good. They fight overpoweringly and passionately and become
the voice of their clients. They use law to help the clients in
protecting their rights.

The attorneys in Murfreesboro are very quick in
getting back to the clients whoever contacts them and also revert back
to the emails. They are also very patient with the clients and not the
opposition side. They are assertive and are ready to take any kind of
risks. The attorneys are very generous, understanding human beings. They
comprehend the case and make it clear about the bad, ugly and good. In
addition to this, the attorneys are creative people who believe in
thinking outside the boundaries. The law firm of attorneys are
individuals who are positive and energetic full of belief that any bad
situation can be turned into a favourable situation with hard work and
implacable representation.

attorneys mostly focus on criminal law cases of family like divorce
cases, child custody and support, alimony, property rights, domestic
relations, etc. And business law in Murfreesboro include business
dissolutions, trademark infringement, business disputes, business
transactions, fraud, etc. The Criminal Attorney Murfreesboroalso take up
criminal law cases like traffic violations, burglary, theft, drugs,
weapons charges and many more. The attorneys therefore are experienced
in quite a few wide areas and offer representation. For instance the
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Home Based Business Opportunity Idea

A Home Based Business Opportunity Idea

With our screwed up economy practically everyone is looking to earn extra money or replace the income of the job they just lost. Did you know that while many people fail at that goal that it is really not difficult.

The home based business opportunity that I recommend is affiliate marketing. If you have tried it or have been working on it for a long time without success I can relate to you. I tried for several years before I found out strategies that work.

It boils down to three things done right.

1. Keyword research. Most people starting up online pick keywords with too much competition. Perhaps you have done this yourself, after all you want to generate traffic and sales. Everyone tells you to get at least 1000 searches a month (according to the Google Keyword Tool , and that would be good except most of the time, until you get more advanced and understand things better, it doesn’t work. Instead look down at the longer phrases that generate 100 to 1000 searches. While you look, look at the competition graphs and pick one that has competition as low as possible.

2. Article Marketing, use the keywords and write some articles with the keyword in the title, first paragraph, and resource box. If you can fit it in other places, do so. Then submit the article to several article directories.

3. Video Marketing. If you don’t know how to make videos or don’t want to be on camera then head on over to a site like You can login and add some pictures and make a video. Be sure to use the text slides and drop in some benefits of your product. As you are finishing up it asks you to write a blurb so you can submit it. Use the URL of the site you want to send traffic to as the first thing in this box. Then in the rest of the box write a description and include your keywords. Animoto will allow you to submit this video to Youtube. If you upgrade (it is inexpensive) you can download an mp4 of the video and submit it to other sites. You can also use Tubemogul and Trafficgeyser to submit the mp4. I’ll let you explore that yourself.

Understanding Entrapment Defense in a Criminal Case

Facing criminal charges is a dreadful experience. It assumes even
greater proportions if it is a charge of a felony. It may lead to
conviction, and penalties like jail time and fines. However, in certain
circumstances, a government agent may have encouraged you to commit the
crime in the first place.

If you are in such a situation, your criminal
attorney may suggest using the entrapment defense. You need to discuss
this with your attorney before you decide on this. How does this work?
Before you consult a legal practitioner, you need to have a clear idea
about this criminal defense.

Within the category of affirmative
defense, entrapment is a common tactic in use. Florida court accepts
both subjective and objective forms of this defense. The basic concept
is simple – you would not have committed the crime if the government
entity did not encourage you to do so.

As per the Florida Statute 777.201(1), there are three points to establish this defense.

1: The defendant’s, i.e. your, Miami criminal attorney presents
evidence that a government entity presented an inducement to commit the
crime you face charges of committing.

Step 2: The defendant’s
attorney presents evidence that you did not have the predisposition to
commit the crime, i.e. in case of the government entity’s absence of
inducement; you would not have committed the crime.

3: Next, it is the task of the prosecution to prove beyond a reasonable
doubt that you had the necessary predisposition, i.e. you would have
committed the crime even in the absence of the inducement on the part of
the government entity.

The court decides whether to submit the
determination of entrapment to the jury or decide the case on its own.
If there is any reasonable doubt, and the prosecution is incapable of
removing it, the court may dismiss the case and declare a ‘not guilty’
verdict. However, this is not as easy as it seems.

Only a
competent criminal attorney is capable of investigating the matter,
accumulate evidence, analyze the facts, and present the defense in a
proper manner. It also takes legal expertise to determine when to submit
this defense – at a pre-trial motion or during the trial proceedings.

are other possible defenses as well. However, only a legal practitioner
specializing in criminal laws would be able to tell you which one would
work best in your case. Therefore, it is essential to find an attorney
and talk to him/her about your defense.

Seeking Justice with Skilled Criminal Lawyers Chicago

Criminal lawyers are valuable legal professionals to know when
charged with a criminal or traffic offense. Chicago legal
representatives represent their clients with great interest and undergo
extensive preparation for the case. Indeed, they are equipped with
knowledge and experience that can help them to put forward the best
legal arguments for presenting a successful defense and ensuring that
everything works out in the defendant’s best interests. For any
complicated case, whether the case is a felony, misdemeanor or traffic
matter, a criminal lawyer is vital for the best opportunity to win.

With easy online access, you can search for a highly
reputable and qualified criminal lawyer Chicago directly through various
websites. Many experienced law firms and individual lawyers have their
own websites with a list of various services that they can provide.
Moreover, most are highly knowledgeable and trained professionals who
can provide superior legal advice and support as per their clients’

Nowadays, criminal lawyers Chicago undertake
various preventive measures to ensure the best possible service to
clients while considering the clients’ specific interests. Most of the
legal service providers charge a very reasonable fee, offer payment
plans, and are always ready to render the best legal suggestions
required to assist with the case. They proceed quickly in certain
criminal cases including kidnapping, robbery, murder, drug cases, fraud,
assault, theft, battery, prostitution, harassment and many more.
Additionally, a criminal lawyer also often settles issues related to
related matters. Therefore, one can expect great support and outstanding
advocacy from professionals at any given case or criminal trial.

With the growing concern of people generally and the increasing
criminal acts across Illinois, more and more people are seeking legal
support from some of the best known criminal lawyers of Chicago. Proper
guidance from a legal representative can help them emerge from the
criminal charges and prosecution with the best possible result. The
criminal attorneys are very responsible and dedicated lawyers who are
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Therefore, it is always wise to seek professional help from a criminal
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case is too complicated, then procuring legal support from Chicago
lawyers who have significant experience can really increase the chances
of a positive result to the case.

Moreover, seeking legal help
from criminal lawyers with a great reputation is extremely easy and
affordable these days. Indeed, anyone can get an appointment with
professional lawyers by contacting them through the telephone or online.
Plus, the availability of official websites has made it convenient to
request legal support quickly. They render their best support with their
experienced legal knowledge and with exceptional skills!

Tips On Selling Your Investment Property

Lets face it, even if you own a great investment property with $75,000
in equity, that equity wont pay the billsits not in your bank accountbottom line, you cant eat equity. So to realize your profit, you need to sell the real estate.

The following tips could help sell your investment property quickly. 1) Keep the price fair. Sure, you want to make the most it. But unless youre in a rapidly appreciating market, your business is better off if you offer a competitive price. Its always better to make a fast nickel, than a slow dime. 2) Virtual tours – More than two thirds of buyers research potential real estate purchases online now. 3) Landscaping – Creating curb appeal can fetch up to 15% more. Hint: many flower businesses and nurseries offer free advice to help turn a yard into a sensory delight for buyers. 4) Indoor decorations – Add some plants, which reduce air-conditioning costs by up to 25%. Plants also look great and keep the home beautiful, created a caring, lived in feeling. 5) In-ground sprinkler systems – (for upper and middle class neighborhoods only). Again, you’re investing in real estate. While sprinklers are pricey, they help encourage a sale in mid to high end homes, and can
boost your profit considerably, bringing you closer to making money from home. 6) Create more space – By painting walls a pale color, gives the illusion of additional space. 7) Check what’s underfoot – Make sure the floors are like new. You can buy used carpet from model homes but has not been worn. Hint: A rug with horizontal stripes can make a narrow hallway feel
wider. 8) Paint – Youre investing in real estate. Youre investing in yourself. Its the best way to make money from home. So add the odd warm shades such as yellow, red, and orange to the real estate to throw off a cozy feeling. Hint: the aroma of fresh paint gives off a new home feeling. 9) Clean storage spaces thoroughly – Clutters bad. It’s just good business sense. 10) Staging – Create a homely atmosphere by renting furniture and/or hire a decorating professional to do it for you. Staged houses sell more quickly and for a higher price

3 BONUS Tips: Follow the 3-D’s in your real estate business when selling a property: 1. declutter; 2. Depersonalize – remove personal items so buyers can picture themselves in the real estate; 3. Deep clean using a professional cleaning service.

By doing even half of these tips, your chances of selling your investment real estate is far greater and quite possibly, will be more profitable.

by Mary Wozny

The Responsibilities Performed By An Opelousas Personal Injury Lawyer

There are several areas for getting the specialization in the legal field. One of them is considered as a personal attorney. A Personal Injury lawyer in Opelousas performs different works for the clients. You will be able to get the additional information about them if you are aware of the duties that are done by them. The lawyers will help you to a large extent in getting the required compensation from the third parties that are involved. In fact, it is the main responsibility of the attorneys for which they are appointed. They will also take care for protecting your rights in every possible way. They will also help you in recovering the compensation for different issues like medical bills.

Understanding the case

If you are involved in the car accident, then you may not go to your workplace for several weeks and months. If your employer understands your situation, then there will be an opportunity that you may stick to your job. On the other hand, there may also be a possibility that you have to quit your job. It is quite obvious that these situations will lead to financial problems for you, as well as your family. The third party that is involved in your accident must take the responsibility of this burden. The Opelousas Personal Injury lawyer will help you in understanding the case. You will also be able to know the plus points and complications that are related to the case.

Collecting the proofs

The medicines and surgeries that are required for doing the treatments will require you to spend a substantial amount of money. In this situation, you need to take the legal assistance of a lawyer. The personal injury attorney will assist you in recovering the compensation that you deserve to get. You need to ensure in hiring a suitable lawyer so that you can get the resolution of the medical bills. The lawyers are also liable for collecting the necessary proofs and evidences that are associated with this case. A number of lawyers also provide the estimation for the failure or success rate of a case.

A Personal Injury lawyer in Opelousas gives their best effort for finding the facts that are significant for winning a case. At the same time, they also maintain privacy and confidentiality about your case. They also help to draft the various legal documents that are required for filing claims.

In order to hire the best Opelousas Personal Injury lawyer, you need to discuss the related facts that are related to your case. They also offer the service of free consultation to the clients.

Criminal Lawyer Palm Springs Law Firms

This article tells about the law firms of the Palm Springs. This also discusses about how to find one lawyer accordingly.

Finding a criminal lawyer Palm Springs
is not a very difficult task. One can do this with the help of the
internet and find them online. There are various law firms set up today
and these firms deal with one type of cases. For example, there are law
firms, which deal with medical cases and some law firms deal with
environmental cases. One should know the type of offense that they have
committed and search for law firms accordingly. Once the criminal law
firms are found, the person should look into the success rate of the
firm. This will tell a lot about the firm and the cases that it has
dealt with. If the offense is completely bad, then the person can
approach a criminal law firm. Otherwise, there are law firms, which take
up any type of cases for from which they can choose. The latter is a
type in which the fee charged is nominal.

When the budget of the
offender is very less, he can opt for the government law firms. There
are government firms that will help people in trouble at a subsidized
fee rate. However, there are a few documents, which one has to submit
for this. For example, the income statement showing that he or she
cannot afford a lawyer, etc. The attorneys and the lawyers associated
with the firm will also tell a lot about the firm. A good lawyer in the
firm means that the person can hire him for his case.

the fee of lawyers in the firm will vary according to the reputation
that they have in the market. Criminal cases such as theft will not need
such high reputed lawyers. When the crime is high profile and something
like a white-collar fraud, a criminal lawyer Palm Springs
is very much required. These lawyers will fend to any type of criminal
offense with the grounds that mistakes can happen by good people too. In
a fit of bad influence, a good person may do something wrong like
killing a person or theft. These lawyers can save such people.