Home Staging Tips from Top to Bottom

Ever wonder why some homes for sale sell quickly and others stay on the market for quite some time? For home owners who are eager to sell, a long transition period can be very frustrating, time consuming and costly. Luckily, home staging is a real estate process that anyone can try. It can speed up the sale of your home just by making simple adjustments. Home staging helps to make your home’s beautiful features stand out and entice buyers.

Here are some tips for home staging your house.

1. When it comes to real estate, keep things clean. Cleanliness is the first thing a potential home buyer will notice, so take extra time in cleaning every room before an open house or showing. You want every room to look spotless – even the areas where you wouldn’t normally explore. Washing, dusting, steaming and cleaning are all important tasks when making sure your house is immaculately clean.

2. Clear out the clutter. Try to de-clutter your home as much as possible by sorting through what you need for your new house, and what you can give away. Minimize clutter on shelves, countertops, and coffee table. If you can, hold a garage sale with the items you won’t need.

3. Let your home show its personality. Remove any family photos, personal awards, souvenirs, etc. When potential buyers walk into your home they want to envision their life- not someone else’s.

4. Draw them in from the outside. The outdoor appearance of a home is a vital factor when buying. It is the first thing buyers will see when they walk into the home. Be sure to paint and/or wash the house’s exterior walls and inspect the gutters, windows and chimney. Also make sure the lawn is trim and your plants and gardens are tended to.

Real estate can be a tricky industry for home sellers and home buyers. That’s why it’s important to explore the benefits that come from home staging. Imagine selling your home in a matter of hours or days just by applying some simple adjustments to the look of your home. Home staging is a great tool if you are finding it difficult selling your home. East2WestHomes.com offers a complete listing of homes for sale in Burlington, Mississauga and Oakville areas and includes valuable real estate information.

East2WestHomes.com offers a complete listing of homes in Mississauga, Burlington homes, and Oakville areas and includes valuable real estate information.

Home Staging Helps Obtaining The Highest Price For Your House.There Are Plenty Of People, That Are

Despite the proven fact that every person has his or her own necessities as well as tastes, most people still possesses a very similar comprehension of comfort and luxury. For that reason, staging a home for sale, it could be not difficult to follow some general factors, applied to create a unique atmosphere within the exterior and interior of a house, that may be appreciated by many.
So, first of all it can be important to make your house looking nice and trim. The presence of garbage or clutter will unquestionably spoil the impression made by the house, if you will show it to your potential buyers. Secondly, the rooms at your residence should be well-lit, to permit your potential buyers to see the furnishing of the house. And thirdly, the furnishing of your home as well as its style should provide the atmosphere of harmony and comfort, where your prospective buyers will be able to relax and enjoy their time, while staying at home.
You can attempt to create this sort of pleasing atmosphere, hiring your own idea of style and comfort along with some general principles we have already mentioned above. Nonetheless, if you need to get the ideal results, while making your property looking expensive and even obtaining the highest price for its sale, then it could be of great importance to consider the advices of an expert to be able to stage a house to sell.
At present the real estate staging a house to sell seems to be quite intricate issue that will require a unique approach and consideration of the number of significant points, which could be missed by non-professionals. Just to start staging a residence we offer you to learn about the decorating ideas provided by Lise Desormeaux, who is known as the successful Home Staging and Decorating Educator. Her home staging tips present a superb guide as for realtors as for homeowners, which are in a position to transform their homes into the million dollar homes, which might be instantly sold. These guidelines could be also great for those, that happen to be going to enhance their abodes into the clutter-free and beautiful homes by not using a decorator.
Follow the tips of Lisa Desormeaux, located on www.lisedesormeaux.com, and you’ll be prepared to save plenty of cash, discovering the powerful steps to home staging.

Home Staging Helps Obtaining The Highest Price For Your House.

There are lots of people, who are unfortunate, while selling their homes. Such things happen, as the major part of these people, dont wish to invest some funds and time to stage their houses. That’s the reason why here we wish to raise the issue of home staging as well as its significance for the fastest and advantageous home sale.
Despite the idea that every person has his or her own needs as well as tastes, many people still possesses a the same understanding of luxury and comfort. This is why, home staging, it may be not difficult to follow some general points, applied to create an appealing atmosphere within the exterior and interior of a house, which may be appreciated by many.
So, firstly it is crucial to make the home looking nice and trim. The presence of garbage or clutter is going to spoil the impression created by your house, once you will demonstrate it to your potential buyers. Secondly, the rooms in your own home should be well-lit, to allow your prospective buyers to view the furnishing of the house. And thirdly, the furnishing of the property as well as its style must provide the atmosphere of harmony and comfort, where your prospective buyers should be able to relax and enjoy their time, while staying at home.

You can try to build this type of attractive atmosphere, employing your own idea of comfort and style with some general principles we’ve mentioned previously above. On the other hand, if you would like to achieve the the greatest results, while making your property looking expensive and even acquiring the highest price for its sale, then it will be of great importance to take into account the advices of an expert to be able to stage a house to sell.
Today the real estate home staging appears to be quite intricate issue that will require a distinctive approach and consideration of the amount of significant points, which may be missed by non-professionals. Just to start staging a home we offer you to obtain decorating ideas provided by Lise Desormeaux, who is called a successful Home Staging and Decorating Educator. Her home staging tips present an excellent guide as for realtors as for homeowners, who will be capable to transform their properties into the million dollar homes, which often can be instantly sold. These tips might be also of great help for those, who’re going to decorate their abodes into the clutter-free and beautiful homes by not finding a decorator.
Follow the guidelines of Lisa Desormeaux, offered on www.lisedesormeaux.com, and you will be prepared to save big money, discovering the powerful secrets of home staging.

Home Staging Ideas Stage Your Bathroom To Resemble A Spa

Bathrooms and kitchens sell homes, so staging the bathroom is one of the best ways to get your house sold and off the market. Staging this space does not have to involve spending too much money either. The key phrase to shoot for in preparing your bathroom is, “spa-like atmosphere. You want buyers to peek into any of your bathrooms and have the impression that they are luxurious places to rest. To achieve this look and feel, consider the home staging ideas below and remember to use lots of creativity when staging any room to sell.

Step 1
Paint warmly. When choosing a color, you want to avoid flashy colors because they are not too calming. A spa-like atmosphere involves warm colors. Jewel tones, deep browns, reds and whites will help you relax in your bathroom. Paint is an inexpensive way to drastically change the look and feel of a room.

Step 2
Light up a good smell. Candles in any room offer another sense of rest and relaxation. You want to choose complementary colors of candles that will help make the room appear more cohesive. Set the candles around the bathtub and sink. Candles come in several scents. Make sure to select one that isnt too strong. Something smooth and calming will do the trick.

Step 3
Mix and match soaps and other spa items. Buy an inexpensive wicker basket and put inside a nice selection of soaps, oils, pumice brushes, eye masks, bath pillows, face and foot scrubs. Place the basket on your bathroom counter next to a neatly-folded set of European cotton wash cloths. If you have limited counter space, purchase an inexpensive round table with foldable legs. Drape a white table cloth on it and set the basket and wash cloths on top.

Step 4
Egyptian softness and comfort. Egyptian cotton offers a superb blend of softness, strength and quality for years to come. Consider replacing your towels with Egyptian cotton towels that will match the rest of the bathroom. You want to purchase at least one set of bath towels and hand towels. Purchase a few sets of wash cloths. A few of the wash cloths will go in the wicker basket on the counter and the other towels can go on matching bathroom hardware. Purchase a set of matching bathroom rugs too. And lastly, include a big fluffy Egyptian cotton white robe, as this also adds to the feel of a spa.

Step 5
Bathroom accessories. Include a set of marble, metal or ceramic bathroom accessories for the bathroom. Make sure they match the overall theme and color of the bathroom. Include a toothbrush holder, soap dispenser and dish, cotton ball container and tumbler.

Step 6
Music to the ears. For the ultimate spa-like atmosphere, include relaxing music in the background when potential home buyers come by for a visit. This will surely add to the sense of a relaxing and luxurious spa.

If the bathroom is the next room in your home that needs to be staged for sell, consider the easy do-it yourself home staging ideas above to make it happen. The bathroom spa-like atmosphere ideas above will surely help you ensure a quick sale.

Lowering the Expenses of Home Staging

Home staging could be really be difficult because there is so much to complete that knowing how to start if you are doing it yourself is as important as the home staging process itself. In any real estate market, you’ll find yourself paying out hundreds to thousands of dollars merely to make your house stand out from the competition. But are you certain that you will manage to recover the expenses? Are you aware where you can specifically begin with the home staging project? See here what are the fundamental ways to lessening the expenses of home staging.

Excellent lighting is perhaps the most efficient approach to sell your house. Whenever a buyer looks through your home, they’ll investigate every detail during their pursuit. Once a purchaser perceives a burned out light bulb or lamp and in consequence is not able to see the details of a space or closet space, then they won’t have a very good impression of your house. Make sure to change all old bulbs with brand new ones to be sure they are working especially when a purchaser checks out your place.

Another means to lower the expenses of home staging is to thoroughly clean the gutters outside of your house. How your home looks outside almost comprises 50% of the buyer’s first impression. When they see that the gutters outside the house are cluttered with leaves together with other trash. It will make them think that house upkeep is extremely bad. Purchasers do not want to inherit a seller’s cleaning problems so safer to clean up your act and start cleaning those gutters.

Clear the kitchen counter space. Kitchens are the heart of the house and this signifies buyers will desire to realize if there will be room to grow in that space. Do away with pointless counter appliances as well as kitchen arrangements to provide the buyers an impression of much more room.

Paint high traffic spaces. These areas are the best places to locate unwanted marks on the walls which may look like poor upkeep however are in reality signs of every day deterioration. Paint the walls in high traffic spaces.

Minimizing the expenses of home staging can be a fairly daunting task, however they’re in fact pretty simple to pull off. You merely have to know these basic things so that when the time comes that you need to stage your home, you’ll simply invest several hundreds of dollars and even before you realize it, you have already recouped your expenditures for the home staging.

How To Start A Home Staging Business

If you love to decorate, you might want to know how to start a home staging business because it can allow you more personal freedom, while you earn a good income, doing something you love.

You might not have any idea how to start a home staging business, but there is help available and some of it is free. There are more homes for sale and real estate statistics have shown that houses that have been staged can sell quicker and for more money. A professional home staging course can certainly give you information you might be able to use, when you want to know how to start a home staging business, however, there are a few tips you can use without taking special courses.
You can use the information you already know about decorating and starting a portfolio of homes you stage can help you get started. When you want to know how to start a home staging business, you will need to have a good sense of design and be able to prove it or find somebody willing to give you a chance. There are free home staging courses available, if you look on the Internet.

People that are already in the home staging business in other towns can be quite helpful, when you need tips on how to start a home staging business and it is helpful to find out mistakes they have made because these can be learning experiences. Your local housing market might be slightly different, so that is something you need to keep in mind, but local home stagers will be reluctant to give away their secrets.

If you are familiar with the real estate market in your town, it can be helpful for starting your own business in home staging. Not only will you need to find out about the local real estate trends, but you should be familiar with trends in towns that are nearby.

Network with local realtors and attend open houses in your area. This might give you ideas for your home staging business and help you network with good sources for your home staging business. This can help establish your pricing structure and tell you what prices to expect for home staging and you can find out the homes best suited for your home staging services.

Figure out a business plan for your home staging business because you might need resources for marketing. Learning how to start a home staging business is only part of the battle because you need to market to get clients, as well. This means you will need brochures, business cards, a website and you will need to have business lunches with potential sources for business.

You will need to gather props for home staging and you need to line up a good furniture and accessory rental company. Sometimes, you may be able to use them as a source for home staging jobs, as well.

Once you have learned how to start a home staging business, think of all the sources for business, including moving companies, painting companies, condominium management offices and large company or military relocation offices, just to name a few.

Under-promise and over-deliver because this can help you get reference letters that you can use to get new home staging jobs.

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Why Directors Should Not Use Shaky Cam In Movies

You have probably been to a movie or two where the scene gets all shaky and it starts to look lke something that your dad filmed on a family vacation with his camcorder. This filming technique is known as shaky cam and is made by simply having the cameraman hold a camera in his hand and film the scene rather than putting the camera on a tripod or some other mounting system. This article will argue against using this method for filming and the reasons against it.

The main argument against shaky cam is that lots and lots of people hate it, and I mean HATE it. That seems like a pretty good reason not to do it but yet directors still persist in using it. People hate it because they cannot see what is going on in the scene, it makes them feel sick, and it can give them a headache. They find it very disorienting when the shot is constantly moving all directions and they cannot focus on any one thing that is going on.

This begs the question, why do directors use the technique in the first place? One reason is that it covers up shoddy filming and staging. With a shaky shot, you do not have to worry so much about how good the acting, choreography, props, or set look. This makes it very tempting to use a free camera to save time and money as you do not have to put so much attention into these aspects of the film. So basically, it can be used as a shortcut when filming a movie.

Some directors use the shaky cam method to give the shot a more realistic or documentary feel. Doing this in a limited fashion is sometimes effective, but they tend to overuse it and make it feel gimmicky. Films like the Blair Witch Project use this method the entire film, which caused many people to get motion sickness and have to leave the theater. The movie theaters even had to start posting warnings outside of the ticket booths warning movie goers of the chance that the movie could cause sickness.

A second argument about using shaky cam is that the method gets a bad name from so many people overusing it. When it becomes overused as it has, then people will learn to hate it in all cases, even when a bit of disorientation is the perfect thing to bring a certain scene together and really make it seem real. When some poor directors ruin the effect for all the others it is the movie fans that lose out on this effect which could be useful in very limited shots.

So in summary, shaky cam is hated by many movie fans, directors use it anyway to cover up their incompetence and laziness, and these directors ruin the technique for those who use it sparingly and wisely to add realism to their Hollywood movies and DVDs.

Simple Things You Can Do to Increase the Value of Your Home

We’ve all heard the sating that your home is your greatest asset. Although this is true to a certain extent you need to keep in mind that your home is only worth what its worth within the current real estate market. The value of property is relative and although its traditionally been a very stable market in the long term, there is a lot of fluctuations in the short term.

If you want to sell your home, then its very important that you maximize the value. Obviously the more you get, the better a property you can invest in for your next home. In some ways, fixing up houses and increasing their value is an art and many people make a living doing just that by “flipping houses”. You don’t need to be an expert to be able to increase the value of your home. There are a few very simple things you can do that can potentially add a lot of dollar value to the selling price.

1. Painting

A paint job goes a long way. In fact, you’d be surprised when you see just what a lick of paint can do to the value of your home. Selling is all about the perceived value and by presenting your home in the best possible way, you can really increase this perceived value. Its really important that you give the inside a new layer of paint and stick to basic whites. It will make everything look new and fresh and for a few hundred dollars you can potentially add thousands to the price of your home.

2. Garden

A nice garden is something that can swing even the most stubborn buyers. Greenery is such a rare thing these days and if you can add a few flower beds, a lawn and some nice leafy trees then the overall look and feel of your home will be so different. Plants are cheap and it’s a really inexpensive way to add more perceived value to your home.

3. Bathroom

Its ironic, but the bathroom is often the one room in the house that makes or breaks a sale. There is absolutely no excuse. Your bathrooms have to present well. An old, stuffy bathroom will chase away buyers. If you are going to spend money, spend it on the bathroom. Keep is simple and clean. It’s the one investment in your home that will pay off when it comes to clinging the deal.

How To Create A Path Of Excellence In Your Home Staging Business

Do you know what freedom fighters like Nelson Mandela, Mahatma Ghandi, Rosa Parks, and so many others have one thing in common? At one point they decided that enough was enough and that they could be invincible by standing on a platform of excellence. That is how they achieved what they went after. When Nelson Mandela said: “Does anybody really think that they didnt get what they had because they didnt have the talent, or the strength, or the endurance or the commitment?” he is talking about setting your sites on excellence so you can be the best you can be.

Now, this does not mean that you have to be the next President of Africa, but that you would want to be the best Home Stager in your area. Once you decide to be “invincible” as a Home Stager, you immediately set the course for excellence just like all the people before you that want to be “excellent.” After having studied great world leaders, business leaders and visionaries, following are the steps that it takes to create your path of excellence in your Home Staging Business.

Step #1 – Focus on Specificity. You must decide specifically what your area of expertise is within the Home Staging industry, then who your customer is as well as your message. By telling someone you are just another Home Stager you remove your opportunity to tell them you are extraordinary. What makes you extraordinary? That is what you need to say. Usually it should be said in such a way that it solves your client’s problem.

Step #2 – Do what you say you will do. Call when you say you will call, confirm the appointment, show up 5 minutes early, dress professionally, have your paperwork with you and in order as well as the client information.

Step #3 – Perform an amazing home staging service. Start by being very specific as to what your client wants and what they will receive. Then deliver that, plus a little more so you can always Under Promise and Over Deliver.

Step #4 – Offer to put together the photos of the property and hand deliver them to your clients office (send a digital copy as well, all of it should include your company name and contact information).

Step #5 – Send a follow up thank you letter with an offer to check on the status of the Home Staging within the next 30 days to tweek the set in case it needs to be adjusted at no extra charge.

Step #6 – Keep in touch every 30 days for the rest of your relationship.

By following these 6 steps you will stand out in the sea of other Home Stagers with your unique message positioned directly at the right customer, you will set a new standard of professionalism by doing what you say you will and more, the home staging service you deliver will thrill your client, and your gratitude, level of customer service, and follow up will ensure that this client, is yours for life. Now, just repeat the process for all future clients and you will find that you have easily created your own Path of Excellence for your Home Staging Business.