Home Staging Tips from Top to Bottom

Ever wonder why some homes for sale sell quickly and others stay on the market for quite some time? For home owners who are eager to sell, a long transition period can be very frustrating, time consuming and costly. Luckily, home staging is a real estate process that anyone can try. It can speed up the sale of your home just by making simple adjustments. Home staging helps to make your home’s beautiful features stand out and entice buyers.

Here are some tips for home staging your house.

1. When it comes to real estate, keep things clean. Cleanliness is the first thing a potential home buyer will notice, so take extra time in cleaning every room before an open house or showing. You want every room to look spotless – even the areas where you wouldn’t normally explore. Washing, dusting, steaming and cleaning are all important tasks when making sure your house is immaculately clean.

2. Clear out the clutter. Try to de-clutter your home as much as possible by sorting through what you need for your new house, and what you can give away. Minimize clutter on shelves, countertops, and coffee table. If you can, hold a garage sale with the items you won’t need.

3. Let your home show its personality. Remove any family photos, personal awards, souvenirs, etc. When potential buyers walk into your home they want to envision their life- not someone else’s.

4. Draw them in from the outside. The outdoor appearance of a home is a vital factor when buying. It is the first thing buyers will see when they walk into the home. Be sure to paint and/or wash the house’s exterior walls and inspect the gutters, windows and chimney. Also make sure the lawn is trim and your plants and gardens are tended to.

Real estate can be a tricky industry for home sellers and home buyers. That’s why it’s important to explore the benefits that come from home staging. Imagine selling your home in a matter of hours or days just by applying some simple adjustments to the look of your home. Home staging is a great tool if you are finding it difficult selling your home. East2WestHomes.com offers a complete listing of homes for sale in Burlington, Mississauga and Oakville areas and includes valuable real estate information.

East2WestHomes.com offers a complete listing of homes in Mississauga, Burlington homes, and Oakville areas and includes valuable real estate information.