Easy Docket Control Through Easy Softs Law Office Billing Software

Lets grab just one more topic this week related our theme of professional liability and ethics compliance. As our third example, lets talk about consider docket control systems, and how we make them easy using Easy TimeBill law office billing software and Easy Trust trust accounting software.

The idea behind a docket control system is to build two or more sources of reminders for the functions you are responsible to complete. Listing two or more docket control systems is a routine question on applications and renewals of professional liability insurance the more activity there is around managing your schedule the lower the odds that youll forget to do something or be somewhere.

When you use Easy TimeBill and Easy Trust legal software, you incorporate computer automation into your docket control system through your law office billing software and trust accounting software. These programs have calendaring and to-do lists, which act as a docket control system.

In Easy Soft legal software, there is a module called Case Management, through which you can maintain a calendar, create task lists, write notes, and link documents. To add a task, simply select the client, identify a due date, flag the priority level of the task, write your description, and assign it. As you progress a matter, you can go back into the attorney billing software task list and update the record with how much of the task has been completed. Our legal software will even allow you to see a list of completed tasks.

With our pair of legal software products, you will also be able to see the same information in different views. For example, once you have added a to-do task, another way our law office billing software will remind you of the task is to show it to you when you click on that particular client. If you forgot about the task and were going into the file to record another activity or expense, the scheduled task will be the first thing that you see.

To recap, this has been the week to highlight trust account bookkeeping, conflict management, and docket control, and how you can successfully serve yourself in all three areas by using Easy Softs legal software. In our litigious society, the best defense is the best offense, and that means incorporating law office billing software to automate your business practices in high-risk areas of the law office.

And, as a special bonus-added offering, were including a good nights sleep, at no additional charge.