Is This Green Foot Global Review, I Expose The Truth About Enviro Tabs

The mission of Green Foot Global and Enviro Tabs is to help thethe world by creating green products that help reduce emissions and leaves the planet in better shape, and making a product that help people increase gas mileage, as gas prices continue to soar.

Green Foot Global is a brand new MLM company that was originally an affiliate marketing company,and laterdove into Network Marketing. The founders worked with Top Scientist who are gifted in the field of combustion, and later created this product known today as Enviro Tabs which are EPA patented and certified, and boasts global distribution rights.

Green Foot Global Review ~ The Leaders

The leadersfor Green Foot Global combined have many years of experience when it comes to network marketing,accounting,mlm law, and rep services. At the spear head of taking Green Foot Global world wide is Mr. Bill Hyman who has over 30+ years of direct sales experience. He has previously built large teams in various network marketing ventures, is the writer of Chicken Soup For The Network Marketer’s Soul, and has taken previous businesses to the top.

Enviro Tabs – The Tablet

Enviro Tabs are an organometallic conditioner that catalyzes fuel, allowing it to combust within the engines power stroke rather than to the exhaust stroke. This product claims to reduce emissions, increases power and fuel economy, and burn fuel faster which is safer on the environment, by burning off carbon deposits faster which are responsible for high emissions. The concept is to place an Enviro Tab into your fuel tank prior to filling up with gas. This tablet works with any type of gas grade, and is said to breaks dowm in in a jiffy, passing you fuel filter, and using your gas a carrier to the power stroke chamber.

Enviro Tabs are backed by 30 years of split tests and EPA Teir One Testing, which one of the highest and mostly costly test, that a product must pass to be EPA certified for manufacture and sale. Founders of the company boast that using this product every fill up with your vehicle will help reduce carbon build up within your engine, super charge performance, and help you save money in your wallet. At any time you are dissatisfied with the product, you can simply return any unused tabs for a 100% money back Guarantee. The product is also available for commercial use, and is backed by tons of raving reviews of satisfied customers.

Green Foot Global Review! The Business Side

For those looking to join with this company, then this portion of the green foot global review is exactly for you. For a start up fee of $49.95 dollars, you can get started with Green Foot Global as a distributor, and begin toselland sharethe Enviro Tab product. After your start up fee of $49.95, you then purchase either a basic pack for $199.00, a builder pack for $399.00, or a leader pack for $599.00. Each pack comes with limited amounts of test drive kits, that you can hand out as samples to prospects.

Green Foot GlobalHow To Make The Money

Before I dive into the full scope of the compensation plan, be aware that business is built on a left and a right building plan, which means you are responsible for building both a left, and a right leg.

There are 5 ways to max the comp plan in the Green Foot Global Compensation Plan.

1. Selling The Product- Earn up to 30% for introducing the product to new customers

2. Fast Start Pack Bonus – Earn anywhere between $25 -$150 in fast start bonuses, depending on the pack you start with, and the pack you help others get started on.

3. Binary Commissions – 900 Group Sales Volume between both legs, creates a cycle that pays $50 each time you cycle.

4. Matching Bonuses – 5 generation matching cycle bonuses from 5%-20% and spill over.

5. Leadership Bonuses – Senior leadership bonuses from Executive through Presidential $15-$60

Green Foot Global Review Summary

At a time when the economy is slow, and companies are going green, Green Foot Global releases a product that helps the customer, the environment, and provides a vehicle for financial freedom. I believe that the concept makegreat sense in a time when petroleum prices continue to rise, and harmful gas emmissions continue to pollute the air, makingthe threat of Global Warming. So when it comes to the product, I really like the Enviro Tab concept.

When it comes to the opportunity, just like any other business opportunity, you must see if this is going to be something that you can be motivated about doing. If you are one who is passionate about going green, and saving the environment, then this business may be perfect for you. My only concern is that although the concept makes great sense, this company is still in it’s infancy, and 90% of all MLM start ups fail. Usually most heavy hitters who come into an network marketing company do so after the company has been established for atleast 5+ years.

In closing I hope that you got all your questions answered in the green foot global review!

If you are serious about building a Green Foot Global Business, and want to take advantage of the timing, and first movers advantage of this opportunity, then learning how to leverage your opportunity and the internet are paramount to your success.

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