A Home Staging Process Simplified

The objective of home staging services company would be to make preparing their clients home for sale as stress-free an experience as possible. Whether an occupied home or a empty home staging project, stagers perform as much as they possibly can in order to streamline the process so that all that is required of the client is actually access to the home and a phone call to inform them the task has been completed. Everything in between is actually handled effectively and effectively by the staging organization. One of the results is high-impact home staging project photos for MLS and marketing material. Below is a brief introduction to the actions involved in staging a house:

Step 1: The actual Consultation
This is actually the most important part of the process. The home stager will walk through the property, room through room, as well as critically evaluate what must be addressed for each room as well as space inside the home. The majority of home staging companies will then provide the seller with a comprehensive list of motion items through room. These range from such things as de-cluttering, de-personalizing, getting rid of pieces of furniture (which may be put into temporary storage space), addressing small repairs, landscape designs issues, etc.

Step 2: Prep Work
For clients that don’t possess the time or even inclination to complete the packaging, storing, painting, repairing along with other preparatory actions, the home staging company can take proper care of these items on their behalf. Many stagers work with reputable trades people that can deal with minor to more substantial projects and are accustomed to work within tight timelines. This is really a key bit of value that’s often undervalued by sellers, for two reasons. First, identifying reputable deals people can often be a challenge. Secondly, finding ones which are willing to work on a tight timeline for a fairly modest job can signify a challenge when it comes to getting the deals persons attention. The advantage that the stager brings is getting rid of these two challenges, as the stager works with them on a regular basis, and therefore is able to give a steady stream of recommendations to the trades person.

Step 3:Staging
Artwork, bedding, accessories and furniture – It is these things that actually bring the project collectively. The home staging company adds heat and a lifestyle that the potential buyers will adore. This process typically takes a day to accomplish.

Step 4: De-Staging
After the property offers, the home staging organization returns, load up all of the inventory items, and removes them. This part of the process is included within the home staging project fee.

These 4 simple steps can be accomplished very quickly and both add substantial value to a homes selling price as well as increase the time for you to closing the actual sale.