Best Property Developers And Builders In Chennai

Chennai is an important metro city of India. Located on the shores of Bay of Bengal and is home to the second largest natural beach in the world. Like all over in India, real estate market is growing at fast pace in Chennai also. With more and more industries and companies setting up their base in Chennai, demand for commercial as well as residential space is increasing very fast. To cash in this demand, many real estate developers are launching their projects. These residential and commercial property projects are bringing huge fortune for the developers. Most of the leading builders in Chennai start their housing projects at few acres of land. They construct well panned and aesthetically beautiful housing societies.

Some of leading property developers in Chennai is

Golden Homes Pvt. Ltd.

Golden Homes is among the well reputed property developers in Chennai. It is known for successfully completing ore than 100 housing projects all over the city. Some of the most prominent projects from this builder include Golden Fortune, Golden Altius, Golden Tassles, Golden Chime, Golden Kingsmead, Golden Quarter and others.

Appaswamy Real Estate:

The Appaswamy Group of Companies is appreciated in Chennai for developing various leading housing projects. The Group has diversified in many fields apart from property development. It deals in construction, Chit& Finance, Hoteliers and Generation of No-Conventional Power through Wind Mills. The Appaswamy Real Estate has created a niche for itself in the real estate market of Chennai on account of its quality of work, meeting deadlines, customer satisfaction and the affordable prices.

Jain Housing & Construction Ltd.:

Jain Housing and Constructions are known among the prominent builders in Chennai. They are known for offering quality work at affordable prices. They have built numerous projects and some of them are Jains Ankush Prakash, Jains Kences Retreat, Jain Amrit Kalash, Jains Anusruta, Jains La Gardenia, Jains Antariksha, Jains Eiffel Gardens, Jains Abhishek, Jains Anumita and Jains Green Acres and more.

Sri Satya Sai Constructions

Sri Satya Sai Developers are constructing residential as well as commercial property in Chennai since 1990. Some of the famous projects from this construction house are Capital Towers, Challa Mall, Eden Garden, Casa Challa, The Retreat, Intel Park and IT Park.