Criminal Law Cases Some Major Types

Criminal law also known as penal law is defined as the body of law
which deals with crime, prosecution and defence. It is all about crimes,
their classifications, the way they should be charged as well as the
possible penalties.

Criminal offence is the infringement of law which may
result in causing an injury to the community. If a person violates a
law causing harm to the public, he or she is charged with a criminal
offence. Such an individual requires a powerful representation in the
court of law. So, he or she needs to hire a criminal lawyer to defend

Let us discuss about the major types of crimes common these days. These days:


is one of the major categories of criminal offences. Some of the crimes
which fall under this category include aggravated assault,
embezzlement, perjury, resisting arrest, theft, false statements,
kidnapping, manslaughter, robbery, murder, etc.


offences are very common these days and affect both accused as well as
the victim. Individuals caught in such cases have to face bad
consequences. Some of the c rimes that fall under this category include
sex abuse, computer crimes, public sexual indecency, molestation of a
child, sex assault, public misbehavior with a minor, etc.


is another major type of criminal offence. It is related to breaking of
traffic rules and driving under the influence of alcohol or some other
drugs. Some of the major crimes that fall under this category include
aggravated DUI, driving on suspended license, drag racing, aggravated
driving, extreme DUI, misdemeanor DUI, endangerment, irresponsible
driving, etc. Those who are caught in such cases can face bad outcomes.
They can be fined heavily, lose their right to drive, etc depending on
the nature of crime committed.

White collar crimes

crimes are known as white collar crimes. These include money
laundering, professional licensing issues, fake schemes, extortion,
racketeering, regulatory crimes, etc.

These are some of the
common crimes. Individuals charged with any of these crimes need to get
represented in the court of law. In such cases, hiring a criminal lawyer
becomes very important. There are innumerable criminal lawyers that are
helping the accused in this regard. But you need to choose the one with
a good experience, qualification, skills, knowledge and understanding.
If all the factors are considered before selecting a particular lawyer,
you would definitely achieve the desired results out of your case.