Does The Condo Life Mean I Have To Give Up The Outdoors

For people who enjoy the outdoors, whether they camp, hike, hunt or fish, the move to a condo can seem a little counterintuitive. After all, most condos are located in urban areas with lots of concrete, people and noise. Not conducive to the outdoor lover, right? Wrong. For several reasons, condos and people who enjoy the outdoors make more sense than you think.

1. Green spaces: Many cities, even really large ones, make a concerted effort to provide their residents with green spaces such as parks and trails. And often as not, these areas are right in the heart of the city, not stuck haphazardly on one side or the other. Many condo owners can walk right to these sorts of places. And just like people who buy any house, those looking at condos can search based on their proximity to amenities such as parks, trails, lakes or rivers.

2. More opportunity: People who live in condos do not have to worry about raking the leaves, mowing the lawn, or painting the house. They do not have to shovel the snow or replace the roof, either. That means there is more time for pursuing the activities you enjoy. That means while others are trimming the bushes or watering the grass, you can be casting for walleyes or riding your bike to the lake.

3. Outside, inside: For some people, the idea of the outdoors is more related to being in it than recreating in it. But condos can work for them, too. Many condos have balconies. And you can always open the shades and the windows. And there is no law against growing a small garden in your condo.

4. Animals: The outdoors and dogs are synonymous in the minds of many people, especially if they are hunters. While living in a condo may make it more difficult to let the dog out to use the bathroom, having a dog in a condo probably is not a deal-breaker. Just make sure to check the association rules before you buy the place.

5. Grilling: Depending on your condo, you may have a park-like setting just outside your building. There may be a place to play tennis or walk the dog or throw the football without having to leave the property. And there may be grills available for use, too, so you can make some burgers and brats and soak up the outdoors.