Federer Inspiration or Eclipse

Air bends with spin from center court. Lines define why a crowd surrounds a game. Steeped in media, millions watch a fast statue place calculus on strings. Federer defied the oddsmakers by winning his seventeenth slam and tying Pete Sampras’ seven Wimbledon champion record. Ironically, the ‘Federer Express’ makes Novak Djokovic and Andy Murray look like rising stars who are outshined by Roger’s falling star.

What motivates arguably the greatest tennis player of all time to keep striving for slams and holding the number one tennis player position? Why do so many lose the drive for dominance, while a wife watches her husband and twins see their father on the right side of wrong odds? Maybe Federer’s skills and Archimedes like innovations of angles, physics, tennis tactics and Penn accuracy bring a feeling of fate; as if communicated by his own talent to finish true history. Albeit, what does Federer’s success mean for the rest of us?

If Federer is just great for himself, then is he really great? Ordinary or struggling people need to see Roger as inspiration to achieve personal excellence. Otherwise, Federer is just an elite overshadowing everyday dreams. Intangible energy with an emotional mood enhancing nature occurs when their is pride in personal excellence. Happiness is for everyone; whenever life allows it.

Strive toward your goals and know that there are millions of people like me who are rooting you on and appreciate personal best achievements. True excellence, in my eyes, of Roger Federer is in inspiring people to achieve their personal best. Keep striving to accomplish what you can as a goal in and of itself. Federer should be a bridge to your own accomplishments; let his dreams be his and own your own.

About the author, John Toker, M.Ed. LD K-12, M.A.: John is a published author who is also a writing coach and learning specialist. He offers writing mentorship and author coaching for people who want to write books. John wrote the acclaimed novels, Conflicting Sanity, LD Just Means Learn Differently and soon to be published Red Grows Green. Web Sites:

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