Home Based Business Opportunity Idea

A Home Based Business Opportunity Idea

With our screwed up economy practically everyone is looking to earn extra money or replace the income of the job they just lost. Did you know that while many people fail at that goal that it is really not difficult.

The home based business opportunity that I recommend is affiliate marketing. If you have tried it or have been working on it for a long time without success I can relate to you. I tried for several years before I found out strategies that work.

It boils down to three things done right.

1. Keyword research. Most people starting up online pick keywords with too much competition. Perhaps you have done this yourself, after all you want to generate traffic and sales. Everyone tells you to get at least 1000 searches a month (according to the Google Keyword Tool , and that would be good except most of the time, until you get more advanced and understand things better, it doesn’t work. Instead look down at the longer phrases that generate 100 to 1000 searches. While you look, look at the competition graphs and pick one that has competition as low as possible.

2. Article Marketing, use the keywords and write some articles with the keyword in the title, first paragraph, and resource box. If you can fit it in other places, do so. Then submit the article to several article directories.

3. Video Marketing. If you don’t know how to make videos or don’t want to be on camera then head on over to a site like Animoto.com. You can login and add some pictures and make a video. Be sure to use the text slides and drop in some benefits of your product. As you are finishing up it asks you to write a blurb so you can submit it. Use the URL of the site you want to send traffic to as the first thing in this box. Then in the rest of the box write a description and include your keywords. Animoto will allow you to submit this video to Youtube. If you upgrade (it is inexpensive) you can download an mp4 of the video and submit it to other sites. You can also use Tubemogul and Trafficgeyser to submit the mp4. I’ll let you explore that yourself.