Home Staging

Home staging, which recreates the look of a model home, has been shown to improve sales – both in speed and price, but sometimes the thought of staging your entire home as you try to live there as well can be a bit daunting.

At least stage the biggest room.

Your living room might have a big TV and be comfortable. In addition to a thorough cleaning, put away the clutter and family mementos, and only leave out one remote. Set out snack and drinks before they arrive. Adjust the lighting as you would if you were getting ready to watch a movie or a big game. Keep it brightly lit. The buyer will keep this image in their minds.

Maybe you have finally put together a chef’s dream kitchen. Clean and declutter well. Then think about how it might look if you were going to cook for a party, but hadn’t made a mess yet. Some fresh vegetables or fruit on a cutting board, a few utensils set out ready to use, maybe some flowers on the counter like they were headed for the dining room, and suddenly your kitchen comes to life.

Focus on the dining room. Put a fresh flower arrangement out and put out your best dishes.

You may have a great bathroom, and want to accentuate it. Set the scene as though you were planning on a long soak. To ensure the relaxed feel, you can put a book or a glass next to the tub.

Your kid might have an awesome room. Play that up. Clean the room, but then set out some toys or electronics that complement the room’s theme.

Outdoor living might be your biggest asset. You can set aside some drinks on a patio, or add life to the pool by adding some floating toys.

Once you start staging your home with one room, you may find the process is enjoyable and decide you want to do the whole house, or it could be something you build on as you discover what each room needs to bring it to life. Maybe this week the living room, next time two rooms and soon the whole house.