Home Staging Ideas Stage Your Bathroom To Resemble A Spa

Bathrooms and kitchens sell homes, so staging the bathroom is one of the best ways to get your house sold and off the market. Staging this space does not have to involve spending too much money either. The key phrase to shoot for in preparing your bathroom is, “spa-like atmosphere. You want buyers to peek into any of your bathrooms and have the impression that they are luxurious places to rest. To achieve this look and feel, consider the home staging ideas below and remember to use lots of creativity when staging any room to sell.

Step 1
Paint warmly. When choosing a color, you want to avoid flashy colors because they are not too calming. A spa-like atmosphere involves warm colors. Jewel tones, deep browns, reds and whites will help you relax in your bathroom. Paint is an inexpensive way to drastically change the look and feel of a room.

Step 2
Light up a good smell. Candles in any room offer another sense of rest and relaxation. You want to choose complementary colors of candles that will help make the room appear more cohesive. Set the candles around the bathtub and sink. Candles come in several scents. Make sure to select one that isnt too strong. Something smooth and calming will do the trick.

Step 3
Mix and match soaps and other spa items. Buy an inexpensive wicker basket and put inside a nice selection of soaps, oils, pumice brushes, eye masks, bath pillows, face and foot scrubs. Place the basket on your bathroom counter next to a neatly-folded set of European cotton wash cloths. If you have limited counter space, purchase an inexpensive round table with foldable legs. Drape a white table cloth on it and set the basket and wash cloths on top.

Step 4
Egyptian softness and comfort. Egyptian cotton offers a superb blend of softness, strength and quality for years to come. Consider replacing your towels with Egyptian cotton towels that will match the rest of the bathroom. You want to purchase at least one set of bath towels and hand towels. Purchase a few sets of wash cloths. A few of the wash cloths will go in the wicker basket on the counter and the other towels can go on matching bathroom hardware. Purchase a set of matching bathroom rugs too. And lastly, include a big fluffy Egyptian cotton white robe, as this also adds to the feel of a spa.

Step 5
Bathroom accessories. Include a set of marble, metal or ceramic bathroom accessories for the bathroom. Make sure they match the overall theme and color of the bathroom. Include a toothbrush holder, soap dispenser and dish, cotton ball container and tumbler.

Step 6
Music to the ears. For the ultimate spa-like atmosphere, include relaxing music in the background when potential home buyers come by for a visit. This will surely add to the sense of a relaxing and luxurious spa.

If the bathroom is the next room in your home that needs to be staged for sell, consider the easy do-it yourself home staging ideas above to make it happen. The bathroom spa-like atmosphere ideas above will surely help you ensure a quick sale.