Home Staging Ideas Staging A Childs Room

Everyone on a budget today knows how hard it is to decorate a home, or even just a single room. A child’s room can be one of the most challenging rooms in the house to stage. With a few easy home staging ideas and some creativity, anyone can stage their kid’s room to present well to potential home buyers.

Step 1
Clean up the room. Before you begin any upgrades in any room, you need to clean up the mess. A child’s room is an easy target for untidiness. You can expect to find toys, clothes, juice boxes and other items if the room is not cleaned up on a regular basis. Clean up the mess, pass the vacuum and plug in a fresh room scent. Clean any windows and get rid of dirty clothes.

Step 2
Decide on a theme. Start by choosing a theme/color that will be the main focus of the entire room. When purchasing any bedding, curtains or accessories, choose colors that compliment the main theme/color of the room.

Step 3
Paint the room. When painting any room to stage, its always a good idea to use neutral colors. You can buy paint for a fraction of the cost if you are willing to purchase mis-tints. These are paints that were tinted for a customer but didn’t turn out to their liking. Surprisingly, you can get some wonderful colors this way.

Step 4
Frame It. Put themed items in a picture frame. You can actually put items in a picture frame or you can just print something off the computer and frame it as well. In this case, it would be easy to print off a soccer ball and frame it. This is an inexpensive way of tying the themed space together.

Step 5
Sew something. Adding your own talent and creativity, like sewing something for the childs room, is a great inexpensive and fun way to upgrade the room. One homemade sewing project can make a huge difference to the childs room that you are staging to sell. You can begin by sewing a few pillows, shams or curtains and valances. Fabric can be very inexpensive if you shop around for the best bargain.

Step 6
Change the lighting. The lighting in any room can really make a difference. Consider adding high wattage light bulbs.

Step 7
Add a Desk. Stage a small desk area and accessorize with a table lamp and a computer prop. This will allow potential homeowners the opportunity to visualize their kids in the space doing their homework or how they will operate in that space.

A childs room is a fun and creative space that will surely add warmth and admiration to the rest of your house. If staged right, potential home buyers will take into consideration your home if the room or rooms in your house offer them what they are looking for. Make sure you follow the home staging ideas above and expect home buyers to compliment you on a great looking child’s room.