Home Staging Ideas Staging A Home Office

More and more people are working from home today. With the current economic downturn, more people are finding ways to cut expenses. One way to do this is by creating a home office in your house instead of renting or leasing an office space in a business building. This is also a great way to stay at home if you have a family or are ill and cannot leave the house. There are also others who are interested in selling their home and want to maximize their chances of selling their property in the first few weeks of it being on the market. Whatever your reason for creating a home office, it is very important that this space in your home look its best at all times. Home offices are extremely popular and are proven to give the extra push at time of sale. The following home staging ideas below can guide you when creating this exciting space in your home.

Step 1 De-clutter the space When we work from our home office, we often times find ourselves living in this space too. Everything from food packaging, magazines, clothing, shoes and other items that do not belong in this office seem to be taking up this space. Before you start staging any room, remove all the clutter. Get rid of trash, extra books, papers and other items that can be stored away in cabinets.

Step 2 Clean up- After you have removed the extra clutter in the home office, proceed with cleaning the room. Grab the vacuum from the closet and pass it around a few times if the room is carpet. If it is not, clean the floors with a floor cleaner that is safe and environmentally friendly. Clean the windows and add some shine to any wooden furniture in the room. Again, use household cleaning products free of harmful chemicals. Get rid of any spider webs in the ceiling or blinds. Dust the blinds and any shelves. Stack your library books neatly and water your plants.

Step 3 Eliminate extra junk- Keep as little in the home office as possible. Clear everything out of the room and choose which items are important to have in the office. The less you have the more appealing it will be. Do not overwhelm potential home buyers with too much stuff in the home office. Buyers are known to sit down and test out the area. Make sure they feel comfortable and can easily determine if they like your simple, yet clean space.

Step 4 Set up the room- If this room did not exist before and youre starting from scratch and are buying new furniture, choose a medium-sized table/desk with a great looking directors chair. Add a writing pad, desk calendar, a container for writing tools and a desk lamp. To complete the home office stage, add a picture frame or wall art to one of the walls.

If you are thinking about putting your house on the market and dont already have a home office in your home, consider adding this space immediately. Turn an extra room, basement or attic into a work environment. Home offices are proven to give the extra push at time of sale. If you do own a home office and are planning to sell and need to update this room, follow the home staging tips above to make this happen.