Home Staging Ideas Staging A Kitchen To Sell Requires A Clean Look

The kitchen is another important room in a house that should look its best when potential home buyers come through for a look. Most home buyers will look at the kitchen and master bedroom as the first indication of whether or not they will move along to the next house for sale or stay and admire the rest of your house. Make your kitchen as inviting as possible and consider the home staging ideas below to make this happen.

Use a top-down approach when cleaning a kitchen. Start with the appliances, move to the counters and finish with the floors. Use appropriate cleaners to eliminate bacteria, cut through grease, remove baked on food and eliminate odors.

Step 1
Get rid of the clutter We as homeowners tend to pile mail, newspapers, food packages and other items on to our kitchen counters all the time. To start this kitchen staging project, get rid of the items that could be stored away elsewhere. Put dishes and packages in pantry, place mail in a basket in your home office and set the extra flower vase on the table. Leave the counters as empty as possible. Clear off any magnets and papers from the refrigerator. Get rid of any dishes from the sink.

Step 2
Cleaning solutions- There are a lot of cleaning products out there that claim to offer the solution for your cleaning needs. Some of these products work great but they are heavily laden of chemicals. A much safer route is to use natural cleaning products. These products are just as effective and are healthier for you.

Step 3
Clean the stove – Remove the knobs and clean the entire surface of the stove with an all-purpose cleaner. Don’t forget to clean the hood of the stove and any glass surfaces. Make the stove look like no one uses it.

Step 4
Clean the oven – Baking soda can be a great answer to naturally cleaning the inside of your oven. Without harsh fumes or dangerous chemicals that can make you ill, baking soda can absorb grease and grime, cleaning your oven thoroughly.

Step 5
Sparkling dishes in the dishwasher Dishwashers need regular cleaning, even if they are run through water on a regular basis. You can use a small amount of vinegar to run through the dishwasher’s cycle at least once a month so that you keep the nozzle and sprayers clean from any calcium deposits.

Step 6
Clean the sink and faucet – Apply baking soda and white vinegar so it doesn’t scratch the faucet. This green cleaning technique cuts through the grease, safe for the family and isnt harmful to the environment.

Step 7
Clean the counter tops Try spraying some eco-friendly cleaner on the counters. If you have Formica counter tops, you can add a little club soda to make them shine. If you have granite counter tops, only clean them with neutral cleaners or mild dishwashing soap.

With the home staging ideas above, it is quite easy to enhance the appearance of your kitchen and very cost-effective too. Make this space as spotless, neat and inviting as possible so that potential home buyers will consider when making their final home buying decisions. And remember to give a busy kitchen a weekly thorough cleaning; otherwise, tackle it once or twice a month.