Home Staging Making The Crucial First Impression

Have you ever fallen in love at first site? When you’re selling your home, that’s the emotion you’re trying to produce among potential buyers. Okay, they won’t want to marry it, but they certainly are considering spending a long time with it. You may think that putting all that effort into making that first initial impression isn’t worth it — but it is.

What is Home Staging?

Staging involves making a house look as appealing as possible, giving it that “wow” factor to help it sell more quickly for higher prices. Many staging experts are quick to point out the difference between staging and preparation. Preparation involves the actual process of cleaning, repairing and doing the work to get the house in best condition possible. Staging involves putting it on show, giving it the best look. This process focuses on making that first crucial impression — causing the homebuyer to immediately think, “Now, I could definitely live here!” Techniques include removing items that remind of the current owner’s presence while making the decor inviting and attractive to a wide number of potential buyers.

Home staging is truly an art, many would contend. Knowing how to accentuate the features of a house while deemphasizing “problem” areas takes a carefully trained eye. This need for a trained eye has given to the rise of professional staging. Whether they are providing New York or Kansas City home staging, professional stagers tout their ability to bring great returns by helping you sell your house quickly and more profitably.

Getting Started – from Outside to Inside

Potential homebuyers’ first experience with your house will be when they pull up in their car. Your landscaping and exterior will be a major part in forming that first impression. The Home Staging Channel notes that creating a great exterior involves everything from the mailbox to plants to walkways to the front door. Getting your yard in shape, sprucing up your entryway, your use of flowers, shrubs, and plant life can all greatly affect the first moments as they experience your house.

Potential homebuyers will be envisioning how their family will be putting your house to use. Probably one of the first rooms they will see is the living room. According to the Home Staging Institute, “[W]hen buyers walk through the living room or family room area, they will want to envision these two activities – spending time as a family and entertaining guests.” The same goes with each room, showing them the possibilities for them if they decide to make your house their house.