Home Staging Tip Using Cookbooks To Create Kitchen Themes

There are many creative and colorful ways to use cookbooks right out of your own home library to stage your kitchen. I would like to show you how you can “kick it up a notch” and actually create a theme around the cookbook you choose. Let me illustrate and explain two examples for you to model.

As one kitchen example for the counter space you can display a pasta cookbook and carry the theme along with decorative oil bottles or a bottle of olive oil with a more traditional Italian packaging. You may also chose to include a pasta dish towel, and a pasta bowl filled with faux tomatoes, onions, garlic and dried pasta.

A more professional and polished look will use the pasta theme throughout the kitchen area. For the bar area you will need to set out bowls of tri-colored corkscrew pasta and add a faux red tomato in the center. These colors really pop against countertops. To refine this setting, I would add a colorful placemat under each bowl to complete the look.

As a bonus tip for you: if you have a small kitchen you wish to showcase for the real estate market in order to create the illusion of more space you can move the refrigerator out and decorate that area.

For another kitchen example, you can use a dessert cookbook and create a combination coffee and baking theme. For wall decoration the use of prints and art that have different types of coffee themes like latte and espresso will beautifully decorate the area and further carry your theme.

For the counter space display a glass canister filled with biscotti and a large metal mixing bowl filled with baking tools such as a rolling pin, wooden mixing spoons, a spatula and boxes of cookies.

Another or alternative counter display idea could be to create a coffee tray using espresso cups and saucers, a French press filled with coffee beans, a jar of coffee condiments like vanilla, cinnamon, and chocolate, and two wrapped biscotti, all placed on top of a dish towel. A couple of loose ivy leaves will add beautiful color. On both display ideas use a basket of greenery to fill space to add more texture and color.

These are not expensive or difficult counterscapes to create, but the theme makes it a lot more fun and interesting. There are plenty of cookbooks with possible themes available…enjoy the creative process.

Copyright (c) 2009 Alice Chan