Home Staging Tips Lawn And Garden

Home Staging isn’t just about the interior, its also about the exterior as well.

Outdoor staging is one of the best ways to bring buyers into your home, as most buyers will drive by your house first to see if they want to check out the inside. A mowed lawn and some shrubbery or flowers will go a long way! There are some gardening tips you should know before you get started.

A yard with many trees will have a lot of leaves falling, making work for you in raking. This can get expensive when you have to buy all those leaf bags. A great way to cut down the amount of bags you’ll need is to fill an outdoor trash can halfway with the leaves you’ve raked. Then, insert your grass trimmer into the trash can and shred the leaves. This gives you more room in the leaf bags, about twice as much actually, saving you money!

In any yard, insects can pose a major problem. Ladybugs are a natural insect control system that can save you money on insecticides. Make sure they have a place to hibernate so they’ll stick around for next year. Dead leaves and/or straw makes a great winter home for them.

If you like to recycle, this is a great tip for you. Ashes from your fireplace can be used efficaciously as fertilizer. Collect the ashes throughout the fall and winter months and save money! Don’t fertilize during hot, dry weather as this can add to draught issues. Sawdust makes wonderful mulch, so if you or a friend does any woodwork, save the sawdust. Pine wood makes the best mulch, just make sure you don’t use any chemically treated wood as this will harm your garden plants. Another great place to save money and recycle is to extract seeds from your existing plants for next season’s planting.

To conserve water put a layer or mulch around your plants. This keeps moisture in and saves you in water bills. Drip irrigation systems use 50% less water to achieve the same product as conventional irrigation systems. They achieve this by slowly letting water seep directly into the root systems of your plants. This is healthier for your plants, as well, as it doesn’t drown them. Rain sensors are a smart investment since no one needs to water if it’s raining! If you already have an irrigation system and don’t want to pay for an entirely new system, try upgrading your timer to an automatic, programmable timer to get the most bang for your buck. These enable you to have more control over your watering system, conserving water and money. The shorter your grass is trimmed, the more water it will take to keep it moist, so raise the blade on your lawn mower. Then recycle the trimmings back into your lawn and garden. Sweep your driveway and walkways instead of spraying them down with a hose.

Lastly, invest in gloves and a Grappler. These will protect your hands from unsanitary items as well as thorns, insects, etc. Remember home staging is a process that when done correctly will allow your home to look its very best. Stage Away!