Home Staging Tricks That Turn Lookers Into Buyers

Its pretty difficult for one home to stand out from others. In our neighborhood of rustic, mountain cottages paneled walls, worn country furniture and cheap quilted bedspreads abound.

But those houses are also slow to resale.

So if you want a quicker sale pay attention to dcor that attracts buyers.

Its sometimes difficult to create the perfectly inviting atmosphere that will bring people in to stay.

How can you do it?

Decorating magazines stage rooms for photos so the each vignette is beautiful in the eyes of the beholder. Its what sells the magazines and it can sell houses, too.

Each doorway to a room is the photo shot that can attract a buyer.

In your house do they see a bunch of electronics and a tangle of wires when they walk into your family room?

Is there a pile of muddy sneakers in the entry?

Is the kitchen disappearing under a lot of mail, dishes and appliances?

Are the kids rooms weird and scary?

So fix things. If you have no talent for decorating, you know someone who does. Get them to help you.

1.Stage your front yard. Make it look great. Have some flowers or hanging baskets. Does your grass look green? Is you house visible from the street? These things matter. Take care of the details of curb appeal.
2.Make your entry look great. Most entryways can be staged with a table or bench and a nice rug. Put the book bags, briefcases and sneakers away.
3.When you enter a family room or living room its ideal that the first thing the eyes spot is an inviting seating area for 4 people. You also need attractive lighting and end tables. A coffee table is OK if it does not impede traffic through the space. Dont fill the space with too much furniture. People have to have room to walk through and look.
4.Make the kitchen look uncluttered, clean and serene. A small wine rack and one appliance can stay out for showings. Dont leave a lot of stuff on the counters, especially mail. All mail and other valuable stuff needs to be locked away.
5.Make beds the star of all bedrooms. Stage them with beautiful cotton bed linens in light colors and 2 bedside tables with lamps. Put the bed directly across from the door. Other furniture may be unnecessary even in master bedrooms. If you have a big room create a seating area. Dressers may make the room look too crowded.
6.Try to put all clothing in closets instead of dressers. And stage the closets as beautifully as any other rooms. Store anything that does not look neat off site. Buyers look for lots of storage so closets matter. Make them look great and leave nothing on the floor.
7.If your furniture is old and dated you might get some new things. A loveseat and 2 matching chairs look great and you can take them with you. You might even find some things second hand. Skip the big sectionals and flower prints. Solid colors and some interesting throw pillows are easier.
8.Dont confuse buyers about a rooms purpose. For example having a shop area in what should be a bedroom is a big mistake that could cost you cash. Stage eating areas with tables and bedrooms with beds. If your house is for sale you wont have time for hobbies anyway.

Its hard to live in a house thats for sale. Everything has to be perfect and it all has to stay perfect until the house is sold.

Your house will have to look like a magazine or a model home.

Serenity and staging can sell homes faster. Make your place look like a magazine. Your kitchen, family room and master bedroom and bath are especially important. Make sure they look their best.