How to Find a Good Criminal Law Solicitor

Considering that there is no single, comprehensive list that
efficiently rates all lawyers without any bias, you will have to do
quite some research before you can finally settle for a lawyer who will
be the best for your case.

To start with, do not limit your search to solicitors
who specialize in a particular crime. While a specialized solicitor who
is a Law Society certified specialist would be a great choice, lawyers
who claim to be specialists in a particular case, often call for
suspicion. Your biggest consideration at this time should be what the
track record of the lawyer is, and whether he seems willing to put
enough time into your case. A good way to find the best criminal
solicitors in your region is to search for them on the web. For
instance, if you are looking for a solicitor in Surrey, you could type
‘solicitors in Surrey’, or any similar search terms on the search bar
depending on your location preference, and carry on from the results you

Once you have singled down on a number of lawyers who meet
your requirements, the trickiest part is to decide which of them to
choose. At this point, you need to consider a detailed background check
on each of the prospective criminal solicitors. You can start by asking
friends and acquaintances if they have had any previous experience with
the lawyer you are considering. Then check whether he belongs to a law
society’s Lexcel accredited organization. Lawyers who are regulated by
the General Council of the Bar are usually the reliable ones.

preferable credentials are a previous office with a legal organization
of which he is a member, teaching experience at a law school, a
published legal article, etc. All these are useful indications of the
lawyer’s standing and reputation in the legal community. Once you have
settled on a criminal law solicitor, it is time for you to visit him and
discuss various important considerations. Ask him about the exact
amount that he will charge for handling the case, and any ancillary
services that he thinks you might need. You also need to discuss what
will happen in case he becomes unavailable due to any reason, and who
will handle your case in such an event. Some lawyers charge a contingent
fee, which includes a success fee if the case is won. Make sure that
you have all the terms and conditions clear from the start.