Mlm Prospecting – Todd Falcone Insider Secrets To Recruiting Professionals – Review

In this article we review Todd Falcone’s “Insider Secrets to Recruiting Professionals” home study course. Todd has been very successful in MLM sponsoring, as a successful associate and trainer for a lead generation company for over 10 years. As of late, his specialty is recruiting professionals in his local marketplace. His own personal success qualifies him as a leading expert this topic. His success formula is as follows:

Mindset + Skill-set + Action = Results.

Mindset and belief is the first part of the equation. Do you believe in what youre doing? If you don’t believe in it, it will be difficult to lead others. It is vital that you believe that network marketing works and in your company, products and services. Here are three key questions you must be able to answer affirmatively:

1. Do real people get paid the kind of money in the industry that you want to make?

2. Do people create the kind of money you would like to have in your life in your company?

3. Do customers derive a benefit from the products and services you bring to the marketplace?

The second facet of the formula for MLM recruiting is skill-set. What kind of skills are needed in the MLM or direct sales industry? Leadership skills are required above all else in MLM. Involvement with a training system that develops your leadership abilities is essential.

The third piece of the equation is actions. Most importantly you must be involved with is exposure. Marketing and prospecting are the two key activities you must be accomplishing. What tools and systems are you employing to market your business and eventually your products and services? Knowing that prospecting is the #1 activity that leads to revenue, you can choose to be either good at it, or bad at it. The only two options in prospecting are to either recruit up, or recruit down.

Trying to work with your broke friends, or poorly-qualified Internet suspects takes you down the socio-economic chain where you will meet with the most skepticism and resistance. Many people are afraid of recruiting up, although once they try it, soon discover it to really be the easiest path. Professional people or those in a higher socio-economic class have money and more often recognize a good business opportunity when they come upon it.

Would you rather have a realtor in your home business or someone who earns minimum wage and flips burgers? A realtor sells for a living, calls on people, works independently for commissions and is a risk taker. A minimum wage earner takes no risk as they clock-in and out in exchange for minimum wages. The choice should be obvious for your own MLM recruiting focus.

New marketers often don’t see the opportunity before their very eyes. According to Todd, the eyes cannot see the things they are not prepared to see. What if you were to contact realtors every time you see a listing in front of a house? Pick up the phone. Hi Jan, I just saw your listing. Im an entrepreneur expanding my business in the area. Do you at all keep your options open beyond what you now do in your real estate business? If yes, set an appointment and get your prospecting tool in their hands. Other professionals you should be contacting include mortgage brokers, insurance agents, small business owners, sales professionals, and managers.