Property In Belgravia And The Famous Figures Who Have Lived There

The Belgravia of today ranks proudly as one of the world’s finest places to live, and property in Belgravia is generally grand, desirable and exclusive. Complemented by a fine array of boutiques, brasseries and bars, property in Belgravia has attracted many well-known residents, eager to discover for themselves the grand style of living that is famously associated with the area.

Let’s take a look at a few of the famous faces who have chosen to live in some of the finest property Belgravia has to offer:

King George IV – It was King George who made Buckingham Palace his permanent home, and while the Palace isn’t strictly in Belgravia itself, its proximity to the developing area quickly made property in Belgravia a highly sought-after status symbol – cementing a reputation in the 19th century that continues unabated till this day.

Neville Chamberlain – The former British Prime Minister lived at number 37, Eaton Square. Chamberlain is famous as the leader who was in charge of the country at the start of the Second World War, and is now regarded as a highly influential public figure. The fact that such an important politician made property in Belgravia his home is indicative of the area’s huge international renown.

Ian Fleming – A British author, Fleming famously created the character of James Bond. It is entirely logical that he chose to live in property in Belgravia, because the suave, gentlemanly traits of the character mesh perfectly with the area’s cool, classy and super-fashionable shops, bars and homes. If you’re not convinced, then consider the fact that two actors who famously played James Bond on screen – Sir Roger Moore and Sir Sean Connery – also resided at property in Belgravia.

Joan Collins – The author and Dynasty actress is said to live in Eaton Place. Much like Ian Fleming, Collins’ books only add to the mystique that makes property in Belgravia so sought-after, as they are full of glamour, romance and celebrity style – traits that the area has in spades.
Andrew Lloyd Webber – Webber has played a key role in the creation of some of the most famous musicals in history, including The Phantom of the Opera, Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat and Evita. He is well-known across the world, and is believed to live amongst many other celebrities in the area.

Brian Epstein – Another important figure in popular music, The Beatles’ manager also apparently made the famous London district his home, and in the late 1960s, the famous pop group’s Apple Building was located in commercial property in Belgravia – at number 3, Savile Row. This was also the location of The Beatles’ last ever live concert – stunning residents and workers when they played on the building’s roof.

Jennifer Saunders – The comedienne and Absolutely Fabulous’ star is said to rent or own property in Belgravia. She has received many awards for her work, and has created many glamorous and hilarious comic creations – the popularity of which has seen her receive worldwide recognition. Current estimates put the combined personal fortune of Saunders and her husband – the actor and comedian Adrian Edmondson – at around 11 million.