Questions To Ask Your Criminal Lawyer

If you have been charged of committing a crime, it is a good idea to
consult with a criminal lawyer. Even if the crime you are charged for
is a misdemeanor, a criminal lawyer in Pottstown PA will be able to help
navigate you through the legal process. As you work with a criminal
lawyer, you will probably have a lot of questions. Before your first
consult with your lawyer, write down any questions you may have.
Following are some important questions to ask your criminal lawyer.

When you first meet with your criminal lawyer in
Pottstown PA, explain the details about your case. Then ask him if he
has ever handled a case like yours. Ask him how many years he has been
working on criminal cases. You may also want to ask him how he has
handled cases like yours in the past and the outcomes of those cases.
Ask him if he will be the lawyer who will represent you. If someone else
will be representing you, ask to meet with that lawyer.

Criminal law is complex. There are many important decisions you and your
criminal lawyer in Pottstown PA will need to make throughout the
process. Ask the lawyer to explain the entire process. Ask him about his
defense strategy. What will he most likely advise you to plead? What is
the worst possible penalty that will be imposed on you? What are the
chances of getting the penalty reduced and how does he plan to go about
doing that?

Before you begin working with any lawyer, you want to know the fees
they charge. Ask your lawyer if he charges by the hour and if he
requires a retainer. When is payment due? Are there any other fees
associated with handling your case? Ask your criminal lawyer in
Pottstown PA if he works with a paralegal or has a legal assistant. Ask
about their fees. Generally paralegals and legal assistants can do a lot
of the grunt work in your case and they charge less. Ask your lawyer to
utilize their services as much as possible in order to save you money.

You will also want to ask your lawyer how you should contact him with
questions regarding your case. Is it best to call him or would he prefer
an email? If it is an emergency, how can he best be reached? Generally,
how long will it be before he is able to get back to you?