Real Home Staging in Long Beach

Home staging is generally known as the art of preparing a home before it goes up for the sale in the market of real estate. The public’s idea about the goal of home staging is that it aims at making the property look more appealing to all the potential buyers so that it sells faster and at a higher price. Although the definition presented in wikipedia pretty much gives a good description about what home staging is and about what the purpose behind is, a lot of people do not know how staging a home works. The prevailing conception of the process of preparing a home for sale and transforming it into an appealing residence with a welcoming feel is actually a misconception of the whole process. Many of us think that stagers work on increasing the value of a property by eliminating_ or at least reducing_ the flaws that a home might have.

From cleaning to decluttering, improving condition items, landscaping, and even depersonalizing a home (which is exactly the opposite of what a stager ought to do, on the contrary, you want your home to be as personal as possible so that it gives a warm feeling to the buyers, by seeing how you personalized your home to reflect your personality, they can picture themselves doing the same in it and personalizing it to expose their taste in decoration and reflect their personalities, but you also want to make sure that not too many stuff are scattered throughout the house so as to give the buyers the chance to use their imagination and picture a deferent decoration for the house.) but the truth is that all that work is just called prep work for home staging. Sure, all of these things must be taken care of, but that even before the process of home staging takes place.

A professional home stager will make sure that all of the above mentioned processes are completed and then work her/his magic. Maryam Odabaee does home staging in Long Beach and knows how to work magic on homes. She realizes that putting out vases, towels, and candles is not the trick and has been using her own tricks in the houses that she has been home staging in Long Beach. She does things like take awkward places inside a house and transform them so that a potential buyer can get an idea on how to use the space, like transforming neglected corners to book shelves.

Odabaee started her own company of home staging in Long Beach. She certainly has the talent, skills, and knowledge of interior design as well as Feng Shui to double the asking price on your property as well as the ability to take a vacant home and turn it into a piece of art. So if you are planning on listing your home for sale, keep in mind that completing general to-do list does not mean that you have staged it. If you live in Long Beach, you are lucky to be able to contact Red Home Design and Staging expert and enjoy creation of an art piece out of your home with the skills and passion of an expert in home staging in Long Beach. Who knows, you might change your mind after the transformation and decide to keep the house! Click on the following link to check out some of this company’s work

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