San Diego Home Staging

In San Diego, sellers are always looking for new ideas they can use to help sell their homes faster and for a higher price. One such thing that can help shorten the time homes stay on the real estate market is known as ‘home staging’. Home staging really means, decorating a home and setting it up in a way that it would appeal to any prospective home buyers.

There is a home staging professional who can do this job for you. She assesses your home completely and she then stages your home in a day. Her name is Tawni Oppenheim. Tawni will always do a free site survey. Tawni typically recommends arrangement of furniture and accessories, wall colors, repairs, de-cluttering, and the addition of furniture and other objects to help enhance the curb-appeal of your home. She also knows how to highlight your home’s best features and play down its flaws to enhance its aesthetics for today’s challenging real estate market. These changes are done in such a manner that the seller gets higher offers.

For home owners who are looking to sell a vacant home, the best thing to do is to get their home staged before putting it up for sale. A seller should never list his or her house until it has been staged by an accredited staging professional. Staged homes sell faster than vacant ones. This is because potential home buyers find it difficult to visualize their future home when the house is vacant. By staging a home, a potential buyer can really see how that house can be. Staging allows the buyer to visualize what types of furniture can be used in the house. It also helps the seller get higher offers for their home.

Home owners and real estate agents can use professional home stagers to boost home sales. In the case of slow real estate markets, home staging is an absolute must. Staging a home for sale will help the home owner stand out from the competition.

So if you are bringing your home on the market soon, be sure to prepare your home for sale by staging it professionally. It is always better to consult an accredited staging professional, such as Tawni Oppenheim with Staged4Sale. She can survey your home and stage your home within a day. For more information on hiring an accredited staging professional, go to .