Small decorative touches that sell houses

Buying and selling houses is certainly an exciting enterprise. In some cases, extensive rehab work is needed in order to turn an ‘investment property’ into a house. But it actually takes more than new bath fixtures or ceiling fans to make a house sellable. For instance, you can have a house that’s all fixed up, that has brand new carpeting and paint, and it still is not ready for a showing. The missing element is staging.

Staging goes beyond decorating. It involves adding little touches here and there that help to make a house a home. While decorating may play a role, it also may involve adding furniture to ensure that the house has the proper look.

In the entry way, for instance, you might add a small round table with a nice table cloth on top. You can then add a little basket or vase with a flower arrangement in it.

But you shouldn’t stop there. You should also add a stack of your business cards so that you leave a reminder of whom potential buyers should call if they’re interested in the property.

Meanwhile, in the kitchen you can add a colorful dish towel to the faucet. You can also place a display stand on the kitchen counter that has information about the house, along with information about the land contract program and an application. The potential buyer can then fax in the application or drop it off back in the office.

In the bathroom, you should make sure that you have a shower curtain up and colored hand towels in the towel bar. If there is no towel bar, you can put a portable brass stand on the sink where you can place some hand towels. These little touches make the house appear warmer and more appealing, turning an empty shell into a home.

It’s also usually a good idea to install mini-blinds in the home which can help to block out unappealing sights from the neighborhood. The mini-blinds can certainly add to the appeal of the house, without adding a great deal of cost to your renovation project.

While it is true that someone could walk off with your hand towels or other decorative accents, the chances of that are unlikely. Also, even if something is stolen, it probably won’t affect your bottom line all that much. And, by taking just a little risk, you can greatly improve your chances of selling the house quickly.