Staging – It’s a Numbers Game

When you are trying to sell your home it’s about minimizing the number of days that you have it on the market and it’s about getting top dollar for the purchase price.

In order to get these numbers right, it’s important to reduce some other numbers.

Take a look at the following list of things you have in your house. Here are some key areas and items where the numbers need to be reduced:

1. Books in bookshelves can be reduced by at least a third

2. Items on countertops should be minimal

3. Knick knacks

4. Extra chairs around dining room table

5. Extra pieces of furniture in living room- too many small pieces will detract from any room. Leave a few prominent larger pieces

6. Personal photos

7. Clothes and shoes that are piling up in closets

8. Plastic containers and plastic bags that fall out when you open up cupboard doors

9. Papers and magazines that are piling up

By reducing the number of items around your home you can count on getting a faster offer and one that will add more to your bank account.

Colette Robicheau, President of Organize Anything, is a consultant, coach, and public speaker offering corporate, residential, and personal organizing services. For more information contact Colette Robicheau, Organizing Consultant and Coach visit her website, email , or read her blog at