Zamna, Cozumel Real Estates Messenger Of Peace, Arrives In Miami

During the last week of August, Cozumel Real Estate owners celebrated the official beginning of the journey of the ship Zamna, which will travel to various parts of North American, Europe and Africa delivering a message of peace to the world. The ship was built in the state of Veracruz by local ship builders. The ship is a trimaran, meaning it has 3 hulls, and was built in a combination of historical styles. TOPMexicoRealEstate NETWORK, “Your Expert Property-Finders” has been reporting on the ships building and the beginning of its journey.

The first city to receive Cozumels message of peace is Miami Beach, Florida, where the Zamna was anchored during the first week of September. The boat arrived for the beginning of the festivities of the Mexico-Miami Festival, which will include over 40 activities, including art, music, fashion and food, celebrating the 199 Anniversary of the Independence of Mexico and 99 of the Mexican Revolution.

The festivities begin on Wednesday with an exhibition of works by 13 masters of Mexican painting, including three paintings by Diego Rivera and other Lauro Lopez, Carlos Orozco and Jesus Guerrero Galvan, to name a few, at the Miami Art Central. The centerpiece of the festivities is the traditional Cry of Independence, scheduled for September 15th.

A typical Mexican plaza will be reproduced, with an atmosphere that reflects the traditions of this key month in Mexican culture. There will be popular music, Mexican products and snacks for sale, and garden art with paintings by visual artists from Mexico in Miami. In the evening there will be a traditional Mexican party at the Bank of America tower downtown; it will be illuminated with the colors of Mexicos flag – green, white and red. In the building there will be Mexican food, tequila tasting, mariachi and the live broadcast of the ceremony of the Cry of Independence from Mexico City.

The main objective of the festival is to promote “cohesion among Mexicans living in South Florida, presenting images of Mexico’s cultural diversity and spreading its values, said the Mexican Consulate.

The theme of the festival complements Cozumels message; international understanding of varied cultural values, and peace. Cozumel Real Estate appeals to a wide variety of people from many different cultures and countries, and Cozumel represents a multicultural presence in Mexico, just as the Miami-Mexico festival represents Mexicos culture presence in Florida.

Zamnas next destination is New York City, where it will represent Cozumels message during the memorial of the September 11th terrorist attacks. All Cozumel Real Estate owners can be proud of Zamna and the message it is delivering.