Law Office Of Michael Levitis For Sharp Negotiations With Creditors

One of the worst economic downturn that hit US in recent times has left many jobless and under heavy debt. Many people were laid off due to which they failed to pay their debts on time making their situation even worse. Those who are under huge debts are now on a lookout to find options that can help them lead a debt free life. Law Office of Michael Levitis is one sure ray of hope for all such people who want to regain control over their finances. Some people think that declaring bankruptcy can save them from the financial problems. This is not true and there are other options available which help them avoid bankruptcy and at the same time help sort out their huge debts and save their credit rating.

Law Office of Michael Levitis is a debt settlement services company which is dedicated towards providing debt help and precise debt solution to their clients. Law Office of Michael Levitis provides various options of debt settlement, where they negotiate with the creditors on your behalf to reduce your loans. Through their debt settlement program you can choose to pay back the reduced amount in lump sum or in easy installments once you reach at an agreement with the lenders through Law Office of Michael Levitis.

Law Office of Michael Levitis, a reputed debt settlement law firm, was founded by Mr. Michael Levitis with a vision to provide Americans freedom from their debts and an opportunity to control their finances even when they flunk at it once. This law firm is famous for its sincere and honest advice to its clients for debt settlement and making the whole process easy and pleasant for them. Law Office of Michael Levitis helps you by taking your creditor collection calls and negotiating on your behalf with credit card debt companies to sort out the matter in your favor.

You can count on them for all your debt settlement needs as they have helped numerous people like you who were in great despair and distressed due to their mounting debts. With an International Association of Professional Debt Arbitrators (IAPDA) membership and experience of over a decade in debt settlement and debt negotiation, Law Office of Michael Levitis is the right choice for putting your finances on right track.

Trust Law Office Of Michael Levitis For Honest Guidance

We all know that if someone is not in the condition to payback his debts he can opt for filing bankruptcy, but have you ever imagined that one day you will be the one going for it? We all tend to over spend on our credit cards or take loans which we are unable to payback due to uncertainties of life and unforeseen circumstances like recent recession or accidents and unexpected medical conditions. Bankruptcy law is made to provide another chance to people who want to regain control over their finances. In case you are thinking of filing bankruptcy you must keep this in mind that it can be fatal for your financial future as no bank or financial institution will touch you in future. So bankruptcy must be avoided as far as possible.

But if there is no way out except bankruptcy then you must hire experienced and knowledgeable law firm like Law office of Michael Levitis to help you. They are one of the best in the business and are respected for their ethical and personalized legal services in New York and Brooklyn. Their Bankruptcy lawyers deal cases related to bankruptcy day in and day out and many satisfied clients who have benefitted from their vast experience would vouch for their expertise. Let it be filing individual bankruptcy under chapter 7 and 13 or filing bankruptcy for business houses under chapter 11, they have in-depth knowledge of all the latest laws.

Law office of Michael Levitis are respected in the lawyer fraternity for their ethical and transparent practises. There are many law firms who give false hope to their clients and misguide them about the developments happening in their case. They also hide the fee structure and other terms and condition of the agreement between them and their clients. But at Law office of Michael Levitis there is no such routine as they base their services on morals and integrity. These professionals work with great compassion for their clients as they understand what they are going through and charge very low fee from them.

Law office of Michael Levitis Keeping Pace with Changes in Debt Settlement Laws

While the concept of debt settlement is no more a novelty, most people looking for debt relief are ignorant that there are now strict regulations regarding the operation of a debt settlement company. Initiated by the FTC, debt settlement legislation was brought to bring down the number of debt settlement scams. The recent recession spawned a number of debt settlement companies that claimed to help people to overcome their debts. Many of these companies took a major portion of their fees upfront and then scammed their clients. After receiving numerous complaints, FTC passed the debt settlement laws according to which no debt settlement company can charge its fees until an agreement has been reached. Now the consumer sees the services and the results of a debt relief company before paying for the same. It also ensures that a company does not run away after taking the money. Debt settlement FTC guidelines also state that a debt management company have to provide full disclosure to the client. In other words, they have to explain the client all the available options and how each one would affect them. It is exactly what professional debt companies like Law Office of Michael Levitis have been doing all along. Law Office of Michael Levitis ensures that you understand all of aspects of the debt relief program before you sign the dotted line. They tell you everything that you ought to know like how it will affect your credit score or what the legal consequences of debt settlement are. An average debt relief company leaves these things when explaining and make the whole process sound like a walk in the park. Law Office of Michael Levitis is both accredited and in full compliance with the debt settlement laws and takes the time to explain everything in detail to make sure you understand what all involves credit card debt settlement. Law Office of Michael Levitis is one of the most well known debt settlement agencies whose debt settlement program has worked well for hundreds. To know more about the services they offer or request an appointment, log on to.

Law Office Of Michael Levitis For Legally Eliminating Debt

People earlier had the notion that there are hardly any options for all those who are under debt and want to get out of it without paying the complete amount. But if you have a good debt settlement attorney at your side you can come out of your debts without paying the complete amount. There are many law firms in and around New York and Brooklyn that offer debt settlement services. Law Office of Michael Levitis is one such highly reputed company engaged in providing legal recourse to avoid bankruptcy for over a decade.

Filing bankruptcy is perhaps the easiest legal mean of coming out of debt because as per law all your debts get eliminated automatically when you do so. But bankruptcy is not the best legitimate debt solution as its repercussions are far reaching and damning for it destroys your financial future. Once you declare yourself bankrupt you can just forget about loans or advances in future as no bank or financial institute will ever entertain you again. At Law Office of Michael Levitis skilled lawyers will study your case during the initial free consultation session and suggest debt solution that is best suited for you.

The best way to handle Credit Card Debt, however, is to hire debt settle services of a reliable and reputed company. Experienced negotiators from the company will contact creditors and negotiate on your behalf to reduce debt. When you hire services of seasoned lawyers at Law Office of Michael Levitis, they make sure you save your credit score so that you can avail loans in future also. Their deep understanding of the fine print of the agreement between you and the credit card company help them in picking loop holes in it which they use to pressurize the creditor to reduce debts up to 50%. With increasing number of people failing to pay back their loans due to extensive layoffs in present recession; creditors have little choice other than to agree for debt settlement.