Top Three Tips For A Successful San Bernardino Home Staging

You are ready to sell your San Bernardino home, but you are not sure how to make your home staging a success. Your home staging, or open house, can help you to find a buyer for your property much sooner than not, provided that you take the time to prepare your home properly.

Tip One: Clean, clean, clean, and then clean again. The way that you keep your house normally and the way that it needs to be cleaned for your San Bernardino home staging are two very different things, no matter how neat and meticulous you are. Every surface should shine, every broken cabinet knob should be repaired, every dead plant replaced.

Those laundry baskets full of clutter and clothes in your hallway. They need to go, and not just into the closet, either. Do not fool yourself into thinking that no one will look in your medicine cabinets, under your sinks, under your beds, and just about everywhere else, because they will. So what to do. Clean the house top to bottom, have the rugs professionally shampooed, and then bring in professional house cleaners to give it another once over. Then, each day, take twenty to thirty minutes to clean, and your house will look its best on the day of your staging.

Tip Two: Set the mood. Pick soft music, classical is best, to play in the background during your home staging. It should be loud enough to be audible, but not loud enough to drown out conversation. If you can, set vases of fresh flowers and or small plants in each room, as well as any tabletop fountains or other accent pieces that you may have. Consider the olfactory senses as well, and place small air fresheners in each room. You should also open the windows, weather permitting, in order to let in light and fresh air, particularly in small rooms, which tend to look dingy and cramped in low lighting, particularly during the day.

Tip Three: Accentuate the positive. During your San Bernardino home staging, you want potential buyers to visualize themselves and their belongings in your home. So if your home has unique features, or architecture, be sure to emphasize them with proper lighting, and if your walls look a little dull and cheerless, a few neutral decorating scheme accent pieces can go a long way. Do not leave up cluttered groups of family photos, however, since again, you want potential buyers to visualize themselves and their furniture, in your home.

These three tips will help to make your San Bernardino home staging a success.