Tawni Oppenheim’s Golden Touch

Theres a Blue eyed girl with rosy red cheeks in town and everything that she touches turns to gold. A House thats been sitting on the market for a long time is her specialty. She comes to that poor old house that has been sitting on the market for months and she dresses it up so it looks and feels like a house that anybody would want to buy. Her name is Tawni Oppenheim, An accredited staging professional master, who happens to be the #1 stager in San Diego County, and is the owner of Staged4Sale.com, San Diegos premier staging company. In a desperate California housing market where some people need to sell their homes fast, Tawni Oppenheim is the solution. With her eye for color coordination and furniture placement, Tawni knows what needs to be done as soon as she walks into a house. Whether the house is vacant or occupied, Tawni always has a plan for whatever house that she stages. Both sellers and buyers are amazed by Tawnis work. Every empty room that she stages is like a blank canvas that an artist paints into a masterpiece. She stages with beautiful furniture, flashy accessories, and art work with colors that pop. She truly is a master of her trade. Tawni built her business from the ground up having no clients, and no inventory. Tawni has built her client base on her reputation of being an exceptional stager. Most of her jobs come to her on a referral basis. Tawnis ultimate goal is to get the house stage, to make the job happen. A lot of realtors bring Tawni in on the listing presentation so that Tawni can explain to the seller how she can help hem prepare their home for sale. Realtors know that its a big plus to have a professional stager on their team. In this tough real estate market, a stager and a realtor make a great team. And sellers feel more confident knowing that they have a team helping them to sell their home. Tawnis philosophy is to stage every room in a house, since the sellers goal is to sell the entire house. Tawni believes that when a potential buyer walks into a house, they tend to spend more time in a room that has been professionally staged and thus more likely to submit a high offer. This I what keeps Tawni in business, along with her high standards and exceptional customer service. I found while interviewing her how Tawni is very easy to talk to. She also listens closely when people talk to her, which is very important, as well. I found her to be very pleasant to be around and very cordial. After reviewing her statistics and visiting many of her staged homes that are on the market, I am totally convinced that staging services are a major necessity in todays competitive real estate market. For more information about Tawni Oppenheim and her company, Staged4Sale, go to http://www.staged4sale.com .