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Often times there are a few spaces in a home that confuse a buyer, especially if the home is empty. Another proven way to sell your home faster, is to utilize each space.

An empty wall or small corners are areas that most people wonder how to use. Sometimes, there is a wall of nothingness that seems like it could be utilized. Other times, its a small nook that is underused.

Only about 10% of the population can picture how to utilize the space in a home, especially when its empty. But People love a good idea when they see one, especially buyers. By doing this effectively, you are helping them understand the lifestyle they will have in your home.

Its important to use each space otherwise it becomes an eye sore, and maximizes the homes flaws instead of minimizing them.

Your goal here is to show your homes potential in every area, whether you are selling it on your own or with an agent, so that you can increase your profits.

I staged a home recently that had a space off the kitchen that people really didnt know what to do with.

I created a peaceful reading nook with a couple arm chairs and bookshelves and it worked very nicely.

The buyers loved it and bought the place within 10 days of my staging it had sat on the market for weeks before that (during the hotter time of the market)!

Enhancing your odd spaces is another proven best way to sell your home for top dollar in a buyers market.

Here are 4 easy ideas to enhance your odd spaces:

1. Create a Coffee/Tea Area

With smaller spaces off of the kitchen, you can create a coffee area with a small bistro table and chairs and some “coffee” art/dcor.

You can even do this idea in a home or condo that has little or no dining area to make it seem that the space was designed for food and entertainment.

I did this with a condo that had no dining area and it made it seem as if that area was designated for the bistro set right off the kitchen. It was cozy and warm, and perfect for the demographic of people buying in that neighborhood.

2. Create a game area.

In another home I staged, there was a large room that needed some special attention due to its generous size.

Besides staging the main area with couches, I placed a small table and chairs in the corner. I also placed a crystal chess set on the table. This made the space very attractive and fun and got rave reviews!

3. Conversation area people love small cozy spaces to sit and chat on a more intimate level.

You can create a conversation area by using two smaller arm chairs, a small end table, and presto – you have a conversation area. Put the chairs a little closer together so the feeling is more intimate.

You can also define the space with an area rug, as long as its NOT used to cover a flaw.

Add some flowers or a nice centerpiece on the table and you have a nicely decorated area that invites people in to have a more meaningful conversation.

4. Create a Reading Area

Its important for you to know how you want each room to “feel” when you are defining the underutilized space, or any space for that matter.

I have a space in my home where I wanted people to feel they could cozy up with a good book. In that room, I placed a smaller bookshelf and a cozy sitting chair and small end table. Then, I added a warm throw blanket on the chair.

Inevitably, my niece and other relatives always use that space to read when they come to my house. It happens exactly as I pictured it and I know they feel welcomed into the space just as I planned it!

Now that you have some trusted home staging tips, take a look at your current setup and see where you can use the ideas.

Using these ideas for those “odd” spaces, can really maximize each space in your home and show them off to the buyers!

Buyers will love that each part of the home is maximized (yet uncluttered!) when you do it right.