When do You Need a Criminal Lawyer Part I

you or someone you love has been accused of a crime and if there is a
possibility of being imprisoned, then the first thing you have to do is
hire a criminal lawyer. Some people feel they can represent themselves,
particularly in cases of drunken driving and so on. They often wake up
to the necessity of getting expert help only when it is too late.

criminal lawyer can help you if and when you find yourself on the wrong
side of the law. Sometimes, even when there is no misconduct or misdeed
involved, people do get entangled with the law. In such cases, it is a
good idea to hire a criminal lawyer.

A criminal lawyer can help
you keep your criminal records clean. If your criminal record is clean,
your chances of landing that dream job are high. You need not fear a
background check or answer questions that make you uncomfortable. A
criminal record can lead to a number of problems like loss of civil
rights, loss of financial aid (in the case of students), deportation or
denial of naturalization. Often, criminal record could impact future
income and job potential significantly.

There are several
advantages to hiring a good criminal lawyer. For one thing, they know
the law of the country and of the particular state inside out. Thus,
they can easily evaluate and determine beforehand whether the individual
can beat the accusation. For instance, many a time, a case is dismissed
simply because correct legal procedures were not adopted at the time of
arresting or detailing the individual involved. There have been a
number of cases where the evidence submitted in court has been rendered
useless because the lawyer was able to punch a hole through it.
Different aspects of law impinge the outcome of a case and an
experienced, qualified criminal lawyer has the qualifications and the
experience to deal with these variables.

case the individual is arrested and sentenced to jail, criminal lawyers
know how to strike deals with those concerned so that the convicted
person is subjected to minimum tenure of sentences. Through the
dexterous use of certain kinds of information, the criminal lawyer can
get prosecutors to reduce jail term. On the other hand, if an individual
were to represent themselves, they may not be able to strike such a
deal simply because most prosecutors have no rapport with the defendant
and are therefore in no mood to strike any deal with them.

people who seek a good defense lawyer are frightened away by the cost
involved. Many people feel that lawyer’s charges are too hefty and
therefore represent themselves in the case. This could prove to be a
costly mistake in future.