Writing For Money Top Ten Get Paid Writing Websites

It takes nearly no money at all to write for money at a paid writing website. Its free to sing up. You just need a computer with an Internet connection. And if you dont have your own, use one from a public library thats free as well.
There are two ways most paid writing websites work: Theyll pay you directly, or theyll place Adsense alongside your articles. When visitors click the links to the ads, you get paid and Adsense pays you directly. Otherwise, the company will pay you upfront and for each view your article receives.

Writing for money is pretty easy. While some sites are more strict than others, theres a site for each talent and level of experience. Many websites dont require any prior writing history at all.

1. Associated Content: Receive upfront and pay-per-view money at Associated Content. Submit writings on virtually any topic. Do you like video games? Then write about your favorite game consoles or how readers can earn treasures and rewards with combat skills. Associated Content likes parenting and lifestyles pieces, too. Many articles earn between $3 and $5 and make an extra $1.50 to $2.00 per thousand views.

2. Helium Make money every time a reader views your articles. When visitors rate an article, youll make more money. Write for pre-approved titles or submit fresh titles for editor approval and write your articles to match the titles. By writing for pre-approved titles, youll scale your income, as these are optimized for search engines.

3. Bukisa: Get paid each time visitors read your articles. Israeli-based company Bukisa pays more per view than Helium or Associated Content, with per-thousand payments ranging around $3.00 and $3.50. Write for virtually any topic or category at Bukisa.

4. Xomba: Get Adsense revenue at Xomba. The more ads your visitors click on, the more money youll earn. Xomba splits the revenue with its writers, so youll make 50-60 percent of the earnings.

5. Redgage: This site pays for photos, posts, videos and other content types. Theyll place their own ads by your articles and pay you in the form of a Redgage Visa Card once your account hits $25.00.

6. Review Me: If you enjoy blogging, submit your blog reviews of products or services to Review Me. If accepted, youll get paid up to $200 per review. Sweet!

7. Demand Studios: A daughter company of Demand Media, Demand Studios requires a resume detailing some of your past writing experience. You only need a little experience even non-professional – to work for Demand Studios. You can earn up to $15 an article and choose from hundreds of thousands of articles to write each day. But be careful their copy editors are picky, so you might need some help getting started.

8: About: Become a contributing writer or how-to guide and get serious about writing for a living. About has monthly plans for writers and guides so each writer earns several hundred dollars for good writing and lots of views.

9. Daytipper: Write for money by submitting a 50-word tip on how to fix something, do something or get rid of something. Daytipper will pay you $3 per tip!

10. Gather: Write articles or shoot videos and make a little extra chump change. Not necessarily a writing-for-a-living site, but good for fun-related posts.